Sunday, September 6, 2015

Pippa's 3rd Birthday Party

AKA The first party we've ever thrown other than our wedding.

We weren't going to have a birthday party for Pippa. She's still pretty young and we thought she didn't care.  Then out of nowhere she started talking about soon it would be her birthday party and there would be party hats and cake. Since party hats and cake seemed to be her only request we thought we could probably make a party happen.

We threw Pippa's party a few weeks before her actual birthday. We knew we didn't want to take up a precious Saturday so we had the party on a Friday afternoon (4-6 p.m.) that T was already taking off of work. Plus, every mom knows that the last two hours before dad gets home are the hardest so the time frame was perfect.

I was going to do regular cupcakes, but then my aunts told me about ice cream cone cupcakes. Apparently, my grandma used to make them and my aunts have made them but my mom never made them for us. (It's ok mom!) My aunts gave me a few directions and it didn't seem that complicated so I gave them a try.

Just out of the oven. 
(I put the cones in the pan before I filled them with a box cake mix. I filled them to where the cone gets fatter then baked for 25 minutes)

With frosting and sprinkles. (Because sprinkles definitely say "It's a birthday!" and "It's a party!") I didn't take the cones out of the pan when I frosted them so some are a bit lopsided but I think it was easier to frost them that way than to take them out and try to put them back in after frosting them.

Pippa's party was laid back. We did water fun, pizza, and cupcakes with no decorations, party favors, or gifts. The only expensive thing was a big shade tent we bought for the back yard.

We put out the water table, kiddie pool, a few baby toys, and bought spray bottles for all the kids. We were going to do squirt guns, but those things hold next to no water and I didn't want to refill 10 squirt guns 20 times each. So, spray bottles instead. Plus people generally take getting misted better than getting directly squirted.

I put out this rubbermaid tote with the idea that the kids could refill their squirt bottles by themselves. And they did. But it also became the most popular place to sit. (I love the expression on the boy directly behind Pippa)

Party hats, pizza, and pals. What more could a 3 year old want?!

We brought out just one ice cream cone cupcake while we sang to Pippa. After T lit the candles one of Pippa's little friends ran over and started trying to blow out the candle! Luckily he couldn't do it (it was very much like the funny skit my dad does "Can you blow out the candle?"). It was pretty hilarious and T pulled the cupcake away and the boy's mom came and pulled him away.

The ice cream cone cupcakes were a hit - easy to hold and no wrapper. But they really need to be eaten on the day they are made. (We had two left over and ate them the next day and the cones were a bit soft.)

There wasn't any crying other than Pippa at the start (I had to put sunscreen on her when her friends showed up! Then after she got over that she went outside and immediately stepped on a sharp wood chip!) The first 15 or 20 minutes were full of Pippa tears, but the next 1.5 hours were just a lot of fun for everyone.

All in all, a good birthday party! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Roxy's birthday

Roxy's birthday was pretty low key. Which is the best way to do a birthday for someone who has no idea what a birthday is.

We had cake for breakfast (that I made the night before for a church gathering) and sang happy birthday. Roxy tried to grab the flame from the candle. T intervened and Pippa blew out the candle. Roxy didn't care for the chocolate zucchini cake. But neither did T :) Here's how that went down:

What are you presenting me with?


I want it.

What. Is. This.? It is an abomination to my mouth.


 Here. You try some.

Hahaha! I made you eat some!

Both sets of grandparents sent gifts that were opened earlier. As is our family tradition, Roxy got birthday flowers. Here's what she thought of that.

It was a pretty normal day. In the late afternoon Roxy and Pippa played with the water table and got soaking wet. (This was the plan. It's like going to a splash pad but I don't have to drive / haul stuff or put the girls in swimming suits or put sunscreen on them because they just stay at the water table in the shade.)

Roxy's favorite thing to do at the water table is drink the water.

After we came back in I washed Pippa's feet in the sink and put Roxy up too. Roxy figured out the faucet and was totally delighted.

All in all, a good birthday. 

Prose from Pippa

While driving:
Me: Mom is lost.
Pippa: You're not lost. You're right here!

After coming out of a break (aka timeout)
Pippa: I don't want to be alone. I just want to be myself.

I'm in the other room and hear Roxy start wailing. I go check it out.
Me: What happened?
Pippa: I bite her. (chomps teeth together)

(This is not the only time this exact conversation has happened. I do love that Pippa is honest when I ask.)

Showing me her artwork:
Pippa: See? It's a picture of a drawing!

Pippa saw my new shoes (four inch wedges) on the floor:
Pippa: Are those for me? Move out of the way! I need those!

Talking about her birthday:
Me: And you can help me decide what kind of cake to make.
Pippa: I want a frosting cake!

Roxy at 12 months

Our sweet Roxy on her 12 month birthday.

Here's what Roxy was up to between 11 and 12 months:

  • Has clam feet (sweaty cold feet that seem to rub on everything).
  • Knows where things go and likes to put things where they go (not just take them out). She's been doing this for a while — things like the balls in the roll house, sunglasses on face (she will try to put them on her face or mine), comb / brush in the hair, headband in hair, shoes on feet, and so on.
  • Always goes after the sound machine on the floor in her room. First she turns it on and turns it up. Then she unplugs it. Then she tries to plug it in. Sometimes she'll taste the plug then try to plug it in! If Pippa sees Roxy going for the sound machine Pippa will freak out and try to gather it up, unplug it, and put it on the shelf before Roxy can get to it. Pippa has definitely bought into the "the sound machine is not a toy" mantra :) 

  • Roxy is fascinated with plugs, outlets, and putting plugs in outlets. If it's plugged in she will unplug it. If it's unplugged she will try to plug it in. Yes, we have outlet covers, but there are some outlets that aren't behind furniture that we use and those are the ones she goes for. I have to reset my alarm clock daily from her cord pulling. I actually don't mind.
  • Climbs up the stairs on her own. 
  • Scoops with a shovel in the sand.
  • Signs more (now signed with pointer finger touching the open palm of her other hand), milk, bye, and come here.
  • Likes to "draw" on the aquadoodle.
  • Definitely has curly hair and is starting to get a bit of curl on the top portion of her head.
  • Pulls to standing on everything. Usually fine, but it doesn't always work out when she's trying to pull up on the spinny office chair!
  • At the start of the month takes one step closer or to side while holding onto furniture. Not interested in taking steps while holding our fingers.
  • All of a sudden went from loving to lie down and splash in the tub to hating it. Literally from one bath to the next - 4 days.
  • Uses the small chair from Pippa's play table like a walker. The chair moves because it's on hardwood but moves slowly so it's just right.
  • Makes car sounds when holding cars (sometimes).
  • Cruising more on furniture.
  • Loves to play "Where's Roxy?" She will put one hand over one eye. Sometimes both hands go up and somewhat cover her eyes. So adorable. Sometimes she won't put her hands down and you have to pull them down. 
  • Takes the bjorn bib off by herself. 
  • In the middle of the month Roxy had a rough night - it took an hour (usually it takes her five minutes or less) and most of it screaming for her to fall asleep and was also up in the night screaming for an hour. I didn't know what was going on, but in the morning I saw tooth #7 (bottom left of center) poking through. Oh, so that's what was going on. Sorry, baby girl!
  • Likes chewing on my hair ties and tries to pull them out of my hair if she sees them.
  • Talks in her sleep sometimes. So cute to hear her little baby mumbles!
  • Loves to spit / dribble out water.
And a collage of her cuteness:

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Roxy at 11 Months

Sweet Roxy on her 11 month birthday

Here's what Roxy was up to between 10 and 11 months:

  • Scootching around on her tummy all directions (not just backwards anymore)
  • Goes from a sitting position to her tummy intentionally (sometimes it is still a bit of a crash)
  • Points with one finger 
  • LOVES peanut butter and jam sandwiches and always pulls the pieces of bread apart to eat them. She eats 1/2 of a sandwich on big slices of whole wheat bread almost everyday for lunch. When I offer other things at lunch she doesn't want them - she's only about PB and J at lunch!
  • Rocking on her knees more
  • Does "duck face" (On her own! I would never prompt that!)
  • Wears 18 month clothes
  • Definitely knows her name and has for a while
  • Stomach sleeper
  • Started growling
  • Has tan lines in her arm rolls (you can kind of see it in the photo above, and it is quite obvious in person. I feel bad about this - I put sunscreen on her all.the.time.)
  • Loves drinking water in sippy straw cup. (It's our fault this took so long. Before we were giving her water from an open cup and from Pippa's water bottle because they were already around.)
  • At the end of June she started going from her tummy to sitting
  • Has her first word (?) "no" says na, na, na while shaking her head "no"
  • Pounded a crazy amount of pasta for dinner on the 4th of July (a bit of deja vu because when she was this age, Pippa pounded the pasta on the 4th of July, too!)
  • Legit crawling starting on the 4th of July
  • Has her first sign "more"
  • Opens and closes her mouth without a sound - kind of like a fish
  • Does a shoulder shimmy shake while nursing
  • Likes to suck her thumb even when she's not falling asleep
  • Will only nap in the crib (not on us in the carrier or the rocking chair) and will only nurse at home in the rocking chair (she's too distracted anywhere else)
  • Really likes playing with the rollhouse 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

We're a laugh a minute

S: "T you're such a good robot!"  (T was doing a robot voice to Ainsley)

Looking at a small facebook photo of a family member:
S: What's his wristband say? Something project dot org...
T: Project runway?
S: Project Runway support bands? I would totally buy us some!

While driving...
S: I'm not sure if I can turn here, but I did it before... It doesn't say no left turn.
T: Pretty sure those five yellow lines mean you can't.

I told T that I changed one of the radio pre-sets in the car from a hip hop station (not sure how that got on there, we don't like hip hop) to a Christian rock station. I didn't know it was a Christian rock station at first, I just knew there were three songs in a row that I liked. A few minutes after that:

S: We have a really blessed life. And that's not just the Jesus station talking.

I was trying to tell T about a clip from the TV show "Top Gear" where one of the guys wants to make the inside of his car look like the study of his house. T tried a few different searches on youtube.

T typing "top gear study"
S: Why do you keep typing in "study?"
T: ...
S: Oh, I get it. I thought you meant study like a medical study!
(If you want to see the clip, click here!)

Roxy at 10 months

Roxy on her 10 month birthday

Here's what our sweet Roxy was up to between 9 and 10 months:
  • Started sucking her thumb - what?! She's been falling asleep on her own for about 3 months without sucking her thumb and now she always sucks on her thumb when falling asleep. I think it is kind of late to develop this, but I don't really know.
  • More rolling to get places but still frustrated with her lack of mobility (she isn't crawling yet) .
  • No interest in walking. Roxy won't take a single step while standing and holding my fingers no matter how far forward I lean her.
  • New "words" (sounds that she makes, no real words yet)
  • Front top two teeth came in.
  • Had some separation anxiety / mommy preference. Roxy cries when I leave the room or if I walk past her while someone else (even T) is holding her. She was mostly over it towards the end of the month, though. 
  • Sleeps through the night (about 11 hours) most of the time.
  • Likes shaking her head "no."
  • Eyes are still blue. According to baby's eyes are unlikely to change color after about 9 months. (Though this was definitely NOT the case for Pippa!)
  • Likes to grab knobs and open and close drawers and cabinets.
  • Loves to play hide and seek with Pippa (squealing with delight when we find Pippa or Pippa finds us).
  • Puts hands "way up in the air" for that part of patty-cake.
  • Pinches my upper arm all the time. She's been doing this for a while now.
  • Rarely spits up in the car now. The car is pretty much the only place Roxy was still spitting up. Very occasionally she will spit up at home.
  • Fussier this month than last month. I think it's mostly frustration with her lack of mobility (mentioned above).
  • Total arm flapper when excited - especially when she's excited about getting food (has been for a long time now - like 3 or 4 months).