Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Roxy at 11 Months

Sweet Roxy on her 11 month birthday

Here's what Roxy was up to between 10 and 11 months:

  • Scootching around on her tummy all directions (not just backwards anymore)
  • Goes from a sitting position to her tummy intentionally (sometimes it is still a bit of a crash)
  • Points with one finger 
  • LOVES peanut butter and jam sandwiches and always pulls the pieces of bread apart to eat them. She eats 1/2 of a sandwich on big slices of whole wheat bread almost everyday for lunch. When I offer other things at lunch she doesn't want them - she's only about PB and J at lunch!
  • Rocking on her knees more
  • Does "duck face" (On her own! I would never prompt that!)
  • Wears 18 month clothes
  • Definitely knows her name and has for a while
  • Stomach sleeper
  • Started growling
  • Has tan lines in her arm rolls (you can kind of see it in the photo above, and it is quite obvious in person. I feel bad about this - I put sunscreen on her all.the.time.)
  • Loves drinking water in sippy straw cup. (It's our fault this took so long. Before we were giving her water from an open cup and from Pippa's water bottle because they were already around.)
  • At the end of June she started going from her tummy to sitting
  • Has her first word (?) "no" says na, na, na while shaking her head "no"
  • Pounded a crazy amount of pasta for dinner on the 4th of July (a bit of deja vu because when she was this age, Pippa pounded the pasta on the 4th of July, too!)
  • Legit crawling starting on the 4th of July
  • Has her first sign "more"
  • Opens and closes her mouth without a sound - kind of like a fish
  • Does a shoulder shimmy shake while nursing
  • Likes to suck her thumb even when she's not falling asleep
  • Will only nap in the crib (not on us in the carrier or the rocking chair) and will only nurse at home in the rocking chair (she's too distracted anywhere else)
  • Really likes playing with the rollhouse 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

We're a laugh a minute

S: "T you're such a good robot!"  (T was doing a robot voice to Ainsley)

Looking at a small facebook photo of a family member:
S: What's his wristband say? Something project dot org...
T: Project runway?
S: Project Runway support bands? I would totally buy us some!

While driving...
S: I'm not sure if I can turn here, but I did it before... It doesn't say no left turn.
T: Pretty sure those five yellow lines mean you can't.

I told T that I changed one of the radio pre-sets in the car from a hip hop station (not sure how that got on there, we don't like hip hop) to a Christian rock station. I didn't know it was a Christian rock station at first, I just knew there were three songs in a row that I liked. A few minutes after that:

S: We have a really blessed life. And that's not just the Jesus station talking.

I was trying to tell T about a clip from the TV show "Top Gear" where one of the guys wants to make the inside of his car look like the study of his house. T tried a few different searches on youtube.

T typing "top gear study"
S: Why do you keep typing in "study?"
T: ...
S: Oh, I get it. I thought you meant study like a medical study!
(If you want to see the clip, click here!)

Roxy at 10 months

Roxy on her 10 month birthday

Here's what our sweet Roxy was up to between 9 and 10 months:
  • Started sucking her thumb - what?! She's been falling asleep on her own for about 3 months without sucking her thumb and now she always sucks on her thumb when falling asleep. I think it is kind of late to develop this, but I don't really know.
  • More rolling to get places but still frustrated with her lack of mobility (she isn't crawling yet) .
  • No interest in walking. Roxy won't take a single step while standing and holding my fingers no matter how far forward I lean her.
  • New "words" (sounds that she makes, no real words yet)
  • Front top two teeth came in.
  • Had some separation anxiety / mommy preference. Roxy cries when I leave the room or if I walk past her while someone else (even T) is holding her. She was mostly over it towards the end of the month, though. 
  • Sleeps through the night (about 11 hours) most of the time.
  • Likes shaking her head "no."
  • Eyes are still blue. According to baby's eyes are unlikely to change color after about 9 months. (Though this was definitely NOT the case for Pippa!)
  • Likes to grab knobs and open and close drawers and cabinets.
  • Loves to play hide and seek with Pippa (squealing with delight when we find Pippa or Pippa finds us).
  • Puts hands "way up in the air" for that part of patty-cake.
  • Pinches my upper arm all the time. She's been doing this for a while now.
  • Rarely spits up in the car now. The car is pretty much the only place Roxy was still spitting up. Very occasionally she will spit up at home.
  • Fussier this month than last month. I think it's mostly frustration with her lack of mobility (mentioned above).
  • Total arm flapper when excited - especially when she's excited about getting food (has been for a long time now - like 3 or 4 months).


Friday, July 10, 2015

4 of July Weekend

T had Friday off for the 4th of July so we took a small trip to Happy Hollow. The last time we visited Happy Hollow was 1.5 years ago. Happy Hollow is still a small (small!) amusement park and zoo geared toward younger kids.  The target age range is probably 3-6.  There are about 7 rides, a petting zoo, a regular zoo, and several playgrounds.  We even went with our same friends from last time!

Roxy went on her first ride - the carousel.

Just like last time Pippa LOVED driving the cars.


Just like last time Pippa loved going on the ladybug ride with J.

Pippa went on her first roller coaster! We're small - I'm waving and Pippa is just visible next to me.

Had to include this one because our friend's little girl (just behind us) has the best expression.

Pippa and J really do love each other.

Seriously, these friends are some of the best people in the world.

The girls napped in the car on the way home. Which meant when we got home and wanted to nap they wanted to play.

T fell asleep mid-puzzle.

We started the actual 4th of July with a church pancake breakfast at the park. Pippa pounded 3 pancakes and ran around with friends. I ate breakfast made by someone else (!) and made a new mom friend. T played with Pippa then after a bit took Roxy home to nap. After she woke he came back to help clean up. We were some of the first people there and were the very last to leave. Pippa was still having a great time when it was time to go home 3 hours after we arrived.

At the breakfast an empty nest couple from the ward had fliers for a pool party at their house - apparently they do this every year after the breakfast. The pool was the perfect temperature, the pulled pork sandwiches were divine, and the babies got super tired from all the splashing around and took great naps. Win-win-win.

A pool tossing photo! T tossing Pippa is kind of their thing. We have tossing photos in front of landmarks all over Europe (and a few here in the States, too).

4th of July matchy-matchy after swimming and naps.

Usually I don't let Pippa nap past 2:40, but on the 4th I let her nap until 3:30. I knew she wouldn't be ready for bed until around 9 (because she woke from her nap so late) and fireworks were scheduled to start at 9:10, so... I took Pippa to her first fireworks show while T stayed home with Roxy.

I didn't take any photos, but we met up with a bunch of ward members on the side of a hill. It was perfect to see fireworks and not deal with a parking mess. It was also great because we were far enough away that the booms weren't loud and scary. I brought a pack of glow bracelets which made us popular.  There were two little girls there from Pippa's nursery class and those three girls had a great time together. I had Pippa on my lap against my chest, one girl on my shins (my legs were out) and another girl leaning against my arm. It was a good way to watch fireworks. Pippa wasn't scared and was completely entranced by the fireworks.  "Very sparkly!" was her reaction.

I really enjoyed the fireworks, too. (You may or may not know that if we are ever ridiculously rich I want a professional fireworks show on my birthday! Fireworks are the best!) The last time I saw fireworks was the Washington DC 4th of July fireworks in 2012, so I was extra excited for fireworks this year. Hopefully in a few years Pippa will be able to handle sitting close enough that you feel the boom in your chest and feel the ash fall on your cheeks.


Yesterday Pippa saw a foam paintbrush I left out and asked to paint. So today we made that happen (after Roxy was asleep - can you imagine trying to keep a crawling baby out of this?) Sometimes I'm a fun mom.

 Pippa is wearing one of my old t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up and the waist clipped in the back.

 End result after about 10 minutes. I didn't even strategically place the plate - she moved it there when she was painting and even placed the paintbrush there when she was done.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Prose from Pippa

While potty training:
P: I need some paper toilet! (said often and meaning toilet paper)

This one makes me feel like we're doing something right. Pippa had been up in the night crying. This was at breakfast the next morning.

T: Do you feel better this morning?
P: Yeah, the Holy Ghost is here. In my heart.
T: Oh, did you say a prayer?
P: No, you said a prayer. And Heavenly Father sent the Holy Ghost to help me feel better.

Upon putting a basket on her head:
P: I want to show dad-dad my party hat!

This is an old one from our March trip to Utah. I was singing "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison.
S: Do you remember when we used to sing sha la la la la la la la la la la ti da...
P: What's ti-da mean?
S: ... (can't think of an explanation at all)

One of Pippa's favorite songs these days is "Say Geronimo." While she was alone in the playroom I heard her singing "Happy birthday to Geronimo"

I was singing the song "Dankeschön" by Wayne Newton
S: Dankeschön, baby dankeschön...
P: Nooooo. Not baby dankeschön. I a girl dankeschön!

Pippa telling Grandma about our trip to the beach.
P: We chased the ocean!

T asked Pippa to get the drill that was on the floor.
T: Can you hand it to me?
P: You get it.
T: I can't reach it. It's too far away.
P: Try walking. Like this. (gives a demonstration)

Not a quote, just a tidbit. In April we were eating biscuits for dinner.  Pippa thought they were cookies.  She kept asking for more and getting more. She was totally giddy like she was getting away with something.  Adorable!

Roxy's first sign

Roxy has her first sign! She signs "more."


It might look like arm flapping, but it is very different from her excited arm flapping (which is out to the sides). It is more in front of her bringing the hands together. This sign is intentional - she does it in response to us asking "Do you want more?" She doesn't always sign more, but does it often enough that there's no way it is coincidence.