Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Roxy says

S finger spells candy to T:
Pippa: (reaching up and pretending to grab it from the air) I got it. In my heart.
Roxy: (pretend grabbing) Got your heart!

When we were making Halloween sugar cookies Roxy kept calling the ghost cookie cutter ghostbuster. "Where my ghostbuster?" and "I make another ghostbuster!" (She hasn't seen the movie "ghostbusters," but she knows the song.)

Roxy likes to point to a photo magnet we have that is Roxy as a newborn with a two year old Pippa.
Roxy pointing to Pippa in the photo: That's Pippa wearing my clothes. (points to her baby self) And that's Roxy.
In case it isn't clear in the photo Pippa is wearing clothes that are now Roxy's...

Roxy: Mommy, my shoulder hurts. So I put blanket there. (Then she tucks her special snuggle blanket under her arm like she always does.)

Me walking down the hall: Can I hold your hand?
Roxy: No! I hold my own hand! (She holds her hands together and runs away)

This one only makes sense if we use their real names
Me: How do you spell Roxy? (her real name)
Roxy: L... I...
Me: L... A.
Roxy: No, sweetheart. A for Pippa! (But Pippa's real name)

On Dec 21 Pippa and Roxy were coloring together on the couch. They were laughing then Roxy said, "I love you Ain-za-ley." and gave Pippa a big hug then Roxy kissed her hand and put the kissed hand on Pippa's cheek. It was ridiculously sweet.

If you ask Roxy how old she is she says two and holds up two fingers like this (instead of two fingers in a v shape). It's super adorable.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Gemma at Three Months

Gemma on her three month birthday

Here's what our sweet Gemma was up to between her two and three month birthdays:

  • Got a terrible cold and was super congested. She just can't seem to get rid of this cold.
  • Is a good sleeper. This needs some explanation. It takes her a long unhappy time to get to sleep but once she's down she will sleep 5-6 hours straight, eat (takes an hour to put back in the crib) then sleep 4-5 more hours. This means this is the most sleep I've ever had with a newborn.
  • Getting Gemma to sleep is now down to two hours of mostly calm / some fidgeting / some sleeping instead of three hours of screaming.
  • Gemma is usually asleep enough to put in the crib around 10:30 at night and I usually go to bed right after. There isn't time for me to do anything else around the house or errands or things for myself.
  • The night of October 27-28 I fed Gemma at 6:40 p.m. then she slept from 8:30 p.m. to 5:45 a.m. It was awesome.
  • Gemma still won't nurse to sleep. What baby doesn't like to nurse to sleep?!
  • Nicknames of B-Bop, Gemma-Gemma, Gemmigan (rhymes with Finnigan)
  • Gemma is a smelly baby - a mix of sweat and spit up. There just isn't time to bathe her as often as we bathed her older sisters!
  • Only naps in the carrier (how do people survive without a carrier?!)
  • Has the BEST wrist rolls
  • Is happier
  • Gets a million kisses a day from all of us
  • Has a swirl hair cowlick like her dad
  • All three girls nap at the same time most of the time
  • Has the best frown and pouty lip before she starts to cry
  • Getting away from poop at every single diaper change. Sometimes it's just pee now.
  • Naps 3-4 times a day.
  • Likes baths except when we have to pull her out at the end. 
  • Wears size 2 diapers
  • Legit slept through the night Nov 11-12. She was asleep in the crib from 8:45 p.m. to 7:15 a.m.
  • Finally started using cloth diapers
  • Likes riding on the bottom in the double stroller 
  • Will put weight on her feet and "stand up" which means we've started singing "Stand Up Girl" to her. It's literally "Up Town Girl" by Billy Joel but saying Stand Up Girl instead of Up Town Girl. Roxy and Pippa sing it, too (and we sang it to them when they started doing the same thing).
  • My mom came to visit and help and more than three times she was able to get Gemma asleep in her arms! Gemma hasn't fallen asleep in my arms since she was a week old.
  • Roxy calls her Gemma-kins
  • Gemma won't turn her head and rest it on me in the carrier. She still likes to put her face straight-on on me. 
  • Still a blue eyed blondie

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gemma at two months

 Gemma on her two month birthday

Here's what Gemma was up to between her one and two month birthdays:
  • SO vocal
  • We bought a swing - we really wanted her to like it and take naps in it, but so far no luck. And we can't return it either because the very first time we put her in it she had a poop explosion that got all over it.
  • Takes her best nap between 1 and 5 p.m.
  • Hiccups all the time
  • She's starting to get chunky! Yay!
  • Has more than four eyelashes now
  • Intentionally brings hands to mouth
  • Had baby acne
  • Had a bit of cradle cap
  • Off nipple shield
  • Spits up a lot volume wise (as opposed to frequency)
  • Flaking skin especially on and behind ears
  • Social smiles at five weeks
  • Small poops all the time - so many diaper changes in one day!
  • Co-sleeping a lot. Sometimes we can't get her to sleep (normally it takes 3 hours of screaming - no joke) and so we end up with her in bed with us because we are just tired. We usually put her in the crib around 10:30 and if she's still up after that she ends up in bed with us.
  • Going along with that Gemma is a light sleeper. Once she's asleep in our arms it takes another hour before we can put her down in the crib. Every little thing wakes her when she's asleep in our arms - twitching, reaching for something in the pocket of the rocking chair, rearranging your legs.
  • Started the "agoos." Roxy and Pippa have been saying "agoooo" to Gemma since she was born and they are so excited that she's reciprocating.
  • Naps on me in the carrier (mostly k'tan but sometimes the becco) except for her long afternoon one.
  • Sucks her right thumb.
  • Roxy and Pippa are still so gentle with her. 
We're all pretty much obsessed with her and she literally gets 100 kisses a day from me, T, Pippa, and Roxy.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pippa says

Pippa telling us what she's writing as she writes it: u...y...heart...g...f... what does that spell?

Pippa to T after Roxy wouldn't share: “That's not making me feel good inside. It's like raindrops… in my heart.”

S finger spells candy to T:
Pippa: (reaching up and pretending to grab it from the air) I got it. In my heart.
Roxy: (pretend grabbing) Got your heart!

Me singing the first Noel 
Pippa: No! A Christmas song. 
Me: That IS a Christmas song. It's about when Jesus was born. 
Pippa: That's not what Christmas is about. 

For my birthday T takes the day off to stay home with the kids so I can have a true break and do whatever I want and go where ever I want. Pippa was asking where I was and why dad was home.
T: “Mom gets to do whatever she wants today.”
Pippa: “Maybe she wants to stay home and take care of us.”

Pippa's sunbeam teacher at church told us this one. In class they were talking about music can make you feel things and when you're older you should choose good music and Pippa raised her hand and said: "Like Taylor Swift."

(Pippa very much has opinions about her hair. Sometimes she lets me just make her curlies beautiful, but most of the time she tells me exactly what she wants. Most of the time I go along with it. This one was an oft requested style during the summer but not so much lately.)

Pippa calls my high heels "tip toe shoes"

T: Do you want bread or toast?
Pippa: soft and squishy toast
S: You could be a politician. 

Pippa: When will mom be done nursing Brynn?
T: Like 20 minutes or so
Pippa: No, when is Brynn going to be done with nursing?
T: Not for a long time 
Pippa: Like number 23?

Z to L fighting over a toy: That hurts my feelings. Now my feelings are broken. And that's why I'm mad. 

S to T: we have j. e. l. l. o.
Pippa: That spells jello! I want some of that!
T: awww man!

Out of nowhere from Pippa: I want to name my babies Aunt Mim! (Aunt Mim is a chipmunk character from a Christmas book we own.)

Z while riding her bike: C'mon bike! I know you can do it!

Saturday, October 8, 2016


4 years, 2 years, and newborn. This makes my heart glow.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gemma at one month

Above (in pink) is Gemma on her one month birthday. Below (in black) is Gemma on her two week birthday.

Here's what Gemma was up to between her birth and one month birthday:

  • Likes being in the carrier and bouncing on the exercise ball.
  • Sometimes takes a binky.
  • Has tiny little chicken legs (like all newborns).
  • Is a very vocal baby. Not so much screaming (though she has her moments), but a pretty large spectrum of grunts, squeaks,  and sighs.
  • Is loved on by older sisters Pippa and Roxy. They really are gentle with her and have yet to unintentionally or intentionally hurt her.
  • Pippa and Roxy (Roxy especially) LOVE to rub her hair. Gemma's hair on top is platinum blonde, but it often looks darker than that because it gets greasy so fast from all the touching.
  • Had a sticky belly button. The stump fell off but it was still sticky underneath so we couldn't give her a real bath for about three weeks. 
  • Took her first vacation to Lake Tahoe.
  • Nursing is... yeah. In the hospital, it seemed like she was the best nurser I've had. But then the day we came home from the hospital she spit up a lot of blood. I pumped and there wasn't any visible blood in the milk. The ask a nurse line sent us to the ER because Gemma was so brand new. The ER doctor (who thought this was our first baby and we just let him) told us that it was blood from me. And it was. Gemma tore me up pretty good. It hurt way too much to nurse so I pumped the next two feedings and both bottles were pink because there was so much blood. (Gemma took the bottles from T just fine.) The next time I nursed Gemma there was a lot of blood in the nipple shield. She spit up blood a few more times. Good news it that even though it's super alarming to us, it doesn't bother her. She's also had blood in her diapers from it. Anyway, I overnighted silverettes to help with the healing. After wearing them for 24 hours, I was doing SO much better. Silverettes are amazing! Overall nursing is going better. 
  • Goes cross eyed easily. 
  • Has a strong neck! Starting at like 2 weeks old Gemma could hold her head up off my shoulder when I put her over my shoulder to burp her. This is a photo of her doing it on her exact one month birthday.

  • Co-sleeping a bit toward the end of the month. This is surprising to me. We didn't really do co-sleeping with the other girls because while baby and T would sleep, I wouldn't. I was too worried about suffocating baby to sleep. But for some reason this time around, I'm not so worried so baby has been sleeping usually one stretch in bed with us (usually the early morning hours) and she sleeps so much better in bed with us than in the crib. But co-sleeping does make me wish we had a king size bed!
  • Doesn't like to nurse to sleep (what?!) and is a light sleeper. Getting her to sleep for the night is a 3 hour affair. 
  • Is freaked out by her own gas. It would be funny if it didn't wake her and make her cry all the time. 
  • Has little poops all the time. We change her diaper before a feeding, after a feeding, before sleep, after sleep, and in between times, too. Literally every diaper change there is some poop in her diaper. At night in the crib we will hear her poop. Change her. Ten minutes later repeat. Ten minutes after that repeat. 
  • After Gemma was born T's mom came for a week to help out. It was fabulous.
  • I adore the newborn stage. Even though nursing hasn't been easy (is it ever easy this early on?), I still love all the other newborn things - the cuddles, the sounds, the tinyness. The happy hormones even make me not feel tired (though I know that won't last!). Gemma is so sweet and beautiful.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Nothing beats a good Shatner

That's what T said when I showed him this:

 I found it while blog hopping. I have no idea who this Kelly is, but I LOVE this video!

(It's basically William Shatner telling Kelly Happy Birthday, you're the best and singing the song "Shout." But he doesn't really sing it, just talks it while the background singers sing. The funny-ness of it is a bit lost if you can't hear how he talksings. Sorry, my deaf people. It is ok for your kids to watch, though. The cc are not right.)

***Update: T found this. It's actually an e-card that you can personalize here! And it's not just for birthdays!