Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In case of inclement weather...

Our wedding is Saturday. I have been anxiously watching the weather. And anyone who knows me knows that it is a big deal if I'm watching the weather because I hate watching the weather. Especially Sterling Poulson.

Anyway, when I started watching the weather it was supposed to be stormy on Friday (when we are setting up) and cloudy on Saturday with a 20% chance of rain. Now the weather is supposed to be cloudy (no showers) on Friday and Saturday and 75 degrees both days. That would be lovely!

If it does rain, our party will be moving inside to a church. Don't go to the church unless you get a call from us on Friday night. The church is 303 West 3700 North in Provo (very close to the original location).


We had our bride and groomal shoot yesterday with our amazing photographer Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen. There was a bit of stress with the dress but things turned out okay.

We took pictures at the City Hall building, a graffiti wall, on a roof, in some carnival swings, and at Liberty park. I think we probably got some decent pictures since ETF took over 1,000.

The picture that I really wanted was a windy veil picture. But there was not even a breeze yesterday. So we recruited a stranger to throw my veil and even loosely attached it to trees. We ended up with a great windy veil picture that you will see later.

T is a graduation boy!

T graduated! It was completely awesome. The Governator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) spoke and was funny. And The Shrine is really lovely inside. But the best part is that school is finally over!

Monday, May 11, 2009

We can sleep when we are dead

This week is crazy.

Tomorrow is my last day of work.
Wednesday we are driving to California with all my stuff.
Friday T is graduating.
We are driving all night to make it to K's wedding on Saturday.

The good part is that we don't need to sleep, because as my brother J says, "You can sleep when you're dead."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I love our photographer!

We decided that since our pictures would be the biggest reminder of our wedding we wanted an excellent photographer. And we got one! But it was not easy. I seriously looked in depth at over 30 photographers. I fell in love with one photographer, Amelia Lyon, but she was WAY out of our budget and based in California.

My friend E told me a girl in her ward, Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen, took really beautiful pictures. And E was right, ETF's pictures were beautiful and definitely the style we were looking for, even more so than Amelia Lyon. This is the wedding shoot (part one and part two) that made us want ETF for our wedding. Plus in person, ETF has the right kind of vibe. I love looking at ETF's blog. The couples she shoots are gorgeous! Like they are in a magazine! I am a bit concerned that we are not beautiful enough for her blog...

The up (and down) side of looking at 30+ photographers is I know exactly what shots I want...

And shots I don't want...

I hope I'm not too picky...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our Story - the early years

The short version of our story is thus: We met in college, started dating when T got back from his mission, and now we are getting married.

The long version is long. Don't feel obligated to read the whole thing. Skimming is fine.

We both grew up (mostly) in the Salt Lake area but didn't meet until our freshman year at USC six years ago. I don't remember when or where we first met but it was probably at church. Miss A and I thought T was a RM because he hung out with all the older guys. This seems funny now because we looked SO young then.

Miss S, Mr. T, and Miss A looking young and eating Diddy Reese

T and I were good friends and hung out with the rest of the freshman family (Miss A, Miss J, Miss S, and Mr. P). We weren't into each other then, but the rest of the freshman family wasn't so sure about that.

I transferred to BYU after freshman year and T stayed at USC. T came to the BYU / USC football game in Provoland that fall and we kept in touch. I went to his mission farewell and we wrote back and forth some. Not lots, but I let him know about the mischief I was getting into, Miss A's wedding, Provoland's police beat, and how my hair was doing and such.

Miss J, Miss S, MRS! A, K, Mr. P

I went to see "Singing in the Rain" that summer and was shocked when one of the actors looked incredibly like T. But it couldn't possibly be T because T was on a mission, and besides, T is not a sing and dance in front of people kind of guy. The actor turned out to be J, T's brother, who is definitely a sing and dance in front of people kind of guy.

On his mission, T wrote saying his family was moving to Washington. I told my mom I would probably never see T again. Little did I know...