Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just one

We are in Utah while T is producing a graduate thesis film. So while he is working, I am playing! Again!

One of the best parts of coming to Utah is that we got the CD with our wedding pictures from our photographer! So be prepared for LOTS of wedding posts and pictures once we are back to our apartment.

Here is just one photo of our wedding day from our fantastic photographer Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


You probably know that I don't like cutesy animal things like this, but I have been giggling ever since I saw this picture this morning.

Monday, June 15, 2009

San Francisco!

This is the real reason we went to San Francisco for a week. T went to Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developer's Conference). And I did tourist-y stuff.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. They had a Georgia O'Keefe exhibit that I LOVED (the art in the background is not hers).

Self photos are our thing

Union Square by our hotel

We went to the Redwood Forest. I'm a tree hugger!

We were driving through the Redwood Forest and T put his head out the sun roof while driving. I love this picture because his eyes are closed while driving and his hair looks totally fake.

We drove through a Redwood Tree!

The stats on the tree we drove through. The tree is very much still alive!

My only environmental plug: RECYCLE!!!

At the Aquarium By the Bay I got to pet rays and tiger sharks!

I went on a cruise around the bay. This was supposed to be a view of the city, but it was SO windy and my hair kept getting in the way.

Okay, once more without the hair.

The Golden Gate Bridge!

I told you it was windy! And cold! I wore my sweater all week!

Near here in Chinatown I saw how they make fortune cookies.

The gates to Chinatown

This is right before I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. Both ways.

The living / solar roof at the California Academy of Science

More of the roof. It was completely awesome even though the solar panels only power 15 % of the building.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pictures from my sister M

I LOVED all the black and pink!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

We're married!

We got married! On 05.23.09. This lovely picture was taken at our shin-dig by my sister in law, K.

The day before our wedding I was talking to my Aunt J. She said not to worry if everything wasn't perfect because no one's wedding is completely perfect and to just be happy and go with it. But she was wrong. Our day was completely perfect. Everything happened on time, everyone looked amazing, and not a single thing went wrong. The rain even held off until our party was over.

There will definitely be more blogging about our perfect day but click here for the first taste of our wedding from our fantastic photographer, Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Graduation pictures

We left Simi Valley at five a.m. to run some errands and still get to campus at 7 a.m. We stood in line for a picture with Tommy Trojan before T had to line up with the School of Cinematic Arts.

I saw T marching in with the Cinematic Arts and took a self photo of us.

There were SO many people crammed into Alumni Park.

This is from the satellite ceremony at the Shrine just after T got his diploma.