Saturday, October 31, 2009


I want to go to break the fast because I think there will be candy corn there.

I like Gaston better than The Beast.

Sometimes I put almost empty beverages back in the fridge.

I like "Twilight."

These are the kinds of things I feel compelled to whisper to T as we fall asleep.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Friday

California has In N Out. That's a very good thing. I think you know what I'm talkin' 'bout. If you don't, you better find out quick. You're missing out. The burgers are delish (and not expensive). Way better than a big, expensive burger you buy at a sit down restaurant. Plus, seeing the size ginormous safety pins on the aprons always makes me smile.

My favorite thing on the (super small) menu is a cheeseburger animal style. There are two In N Outs within five minutes of our house. I know you're jealous. Now that's some good stuff, California.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Wedding! - Not ours!

I'm sure you're sick of our wedding so here is cousin B's!

The wedding was at the Mesa, Arizona temple.

Shoes. Wedding shoes are very important.

The wedding was at 9 a.m. Which sounds crazy but was actually good. We got pictures done before it was too hot, and we weren't rushed on the 3 hour drive to the city where the reception was.

J looking very natural holding a purse.

Waiting for the couple to come out.

Uncle R, the bride's dad.

cousins K and C (if they only had a baby named F)

Apparently purses were popular with the men at this wedding. They are just like old ladies getting their chat on. Just Kidding! We heart you V and R.

They realize they are caught and try to cover it up with some posing for B's photographer...

The view looking out from the temple.

B's sisters and photographer waiting.


Okay, so this isn't such a great photo of B and B, but you can see all the beautiful detailed lace on B's dress.

Everyone following the bride. Sort of. People wrangling is hard work.

T was working it.

The bride's parents.

Looks like B is getting felt up by someone other than the groom...

The drive from the wedding to the reception.

We were behind this RV for a long time. The horses look like a folder I had in third grade.  Why would you do that to your RV?!

Decorating the car - my favorite part.

I free-handed this sign an hour before the reception. Ta-Da.

I thought we did a good job. The truck looked like a dalmatian. It was my idea so if B and B are mad, it's my fault. Sorry. Just a bit of wedding fun.

Bouquet toss

T and V played bellhop all night.

J and B getting their dance on.

Even the aunts got their boogie on.

Just remember that I am not the half of this marriage that went to film school...

B's dress was great for twirling.


Check out these mad skillz.

It was a pretty fantastic day.  We are so happy for you, B and B! 


We have been married five months! It was a great anniversary because we got to go cousin B's wedding. Her wedding was lovely and we had a lovely time. Just being at a wedding made me think of our wedding and how much I love T. Really, going to a wedding is the best way to celebrate an anniversary because it brings back all the memories and feelings without having to plan anything!

So, for your viewing pleasure, balloon shots:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Something that I really dig about Southern California (and actually wish Utah had) is the restaurant cleanliness ratings.  The Health Department inspects restaurants and gives them an "A" to "C" rating (A being best).

Some things the Health Department looks for:
1. Demonstration of knowledge – The ability of the food employee to demonstrate safe food handling
procedures related to the task being performed.
2. Employee health controls – Employees are to be excluded from food service and / or food handling
when ill or injured.
3. Controlling hands as a vehicle of contamination – Enforce diligent handwashing procedures.
4. Time and temperature parameters for controlling pathogens – Utilize the established sciencebased
time / temperature requirements for controlling potential pathogens.
5. Consumer advisories – Advising consumers of known hazards associated with the consumption of
certain foods.

A = Generally superior in food handling practices and overall food facility maintenance
B = Generally good in food handling practices and overall food facility maintenance.
C = Generally acceptable in food handling practices and overall general food facility maintenance.

I'm sure you didn't want to know that much, but it is too late.  Now you know. 

The restaurant's grade must be posted in the window where it easily visible.  I won't eat anywhere that isn't "A" rated. I like knowing that a restaurant is clean and won't likely make me violently ill.  So, thanks for that California.

Once I ate at a Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles that was rated a B.  And it was fine.  But I was afraid.  Very afraid. 

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I was thinking that T and I could be Danny and Sandy from "Grease" for Halloween:

Mostly I just wanted to be able to wear pleather leggings in public. But T's hair is too short to slick back.

I told T that he should be a sailor for Halloween:

I asked T what he thought I should be for Halloween and this is what he picked out:

I'm not gonna lie, it would be crazy fun to rock that beehive rocker mess. Plus built in excuses for any kind of behavior.