Tuesday, January 26, 2010


No, it didn't snow in SoCal.  Heaven help us if it did.  I would love it, but no one would be able to handle driving in it.

I was missing the snow a lot.  I  love Utah's seasons.  So Cal only has two seasons: hot and warm.  Now that's not really the kind of weather I can wear all my cute sweaters and jackets and coats in.  So back in December I decided to bring the snow to us.  T probably thought I was crazy, but I cut out about 50 paper snowflakes and hung them in the apartment.  Like such:

True confession:  Sophomore year at BYU my apartment (all six of us) made snowflakes.  We ended up throwing out all the snowflakes I made because they looked so bad.  This time I used the internet to figure out how to make a snowflake that didn't look like crap. After the first 10 or so I got the hang of it. 








 (Why, yes.  This one does look like snow DNA.  It was completely unintentional.)

I love our snowflakes.  I'm going to leave them up as long as I can get away with it.  What do you think?  The start of March, maybe?...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eight is Enough

Today we have been married for eight months.  And that is enough.  Just kidding!  I love being married to T.  Definitely my best decision ever.  Of course, all photos by the ridiculously talented ETF (or as I call her in my head - and sometimes out loud - ETFizzle).


High School Besties 




We couldn't cut the cake at first...I talked about it here




Our cake was ridiculously delicious.  The bottom two layers were brownie with heath / carmel / whipped cream filling and buttercream frosting.  The top tier was lime with whipped cream filling and buttercream frosting.  The two sheet cakes were pink lemonade with whipped cream filling and pink lemonade frosting. Yum!

 Rachel of Bayshore Cakes even did our sheet cakes in the same whipped look! 

 This is what everything looked like when we got started.
But towards the end the balloons were, as you will see, free game.  It was a fantastic, happy, unplanned event (the balloons going crazy, not the wedding - the wedding has lots of planning!).





In next month's pictures T and I get in on the massive balloon action.

See the previous months at seven, six, five,and four.

P.S.  I cut my own bangs two days ago.  They look pretty good!
P.P.S.  I still can't believe how well my bangs (and hair in general) cooperated for our wedding!


A reading update:

4.  "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" by J.K. Rowling  734 pages
5.  "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" by J.K. Rowling  870 pages
6.  "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" by J.K. Rowling  652 pages

So you might be thinking that I have probably read these books before before.  And you would be right.  The reason I am re-reading books is because I still have a Utah license. 

See, the problem is that I can't get a library card (and thus check out books) at our new location until I have a California driver license with our current address.  And T's California license still has our old address. 

I've been putting off getting a California license because I don't want to admit that I am actually a California resident.  I want to hold on to being from Utah as long as I can.  I know this is all pretty irrational because I might as well admit that I live here and that I'm going to live here for probably the next 20 years.  But I don't want to admit that!  Plus I think I look pretty good in my Utah license and odds are that the California one won't be so good.  But, when I got my last Utah license I didn't know how much I weighed - I ended up overestimating by 8 pounds!  I know, also very superficial, but if I have to get a California license I might as well fix that!

Next week I will have a little adventure out to the DMV so I can check out books.  But I won't have any books to read while I'm in line!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Haiku

long perfect straight
silky golden strands
no shampoo is too pricey
for her one beauty

I found this when I was organizing some books.  I wrote this in my senior writing class at BYU as part of an in class exercise on what is important to us...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

UTAH!!! part 2

Here's a bunch more of all those adorable babies! (Is it bad that I still call them all babies when the oldest one is six?  I don't know.  But I'm going to keep doing it!)

 All bundled up in the quilts that Aunt J made for them.  So cute!

Shortly after this picture V grabbed the blanket that R was wrapped in and pulled it.  R slid across the bed and never even woke up.




Visiting Utah was great because I could finally wear some of my sweaters!


All the babies eating spaghetti for dinner (well, I guess the twins weren't eating spaghetti).

My dad with R.

Two of my besties from BYU - K and E.

V wanted C to wear a hat.

A self portrait with R.


V and my dad were pretending to be asleep.  I'm not so sure my dad was just pretending...

 Booya!  Look at those "make the baby fall asleep" skillz.

Then I got R to fall asleep, too!



Both babies!

My sister left to pick up one of the kids from school.  I was alone with three kids and the twins.  The kids were playing upstairs.  I was trying to get the babies to sleep but they would cry if I put them down.  L (who is in kindergarten) comes down and says, "I have to tell you something... ...Something is wrong upstairs."  Oh goodness.  I went up the stairs holding both babies thinking, "please don't let there be blood."  It turns out it was just a broken toy.  Whew.


Check out how long my hair is!

 I had a fantastic time in Utah!  I love my family!  Hopefully the next trip will be longer and not so busy.

It was strange to be apart from T.    This wasn't the first time we have been apart since we got married.  Just a month after we got married, T was working crazy hours on a film and we were apart for a few nights.  Last month T flew back east for a few days.  This last time we were apart for three nights.  I was talking to T's sister in law and she hasn't spent a night apart from T's brother since they were married three years ago.  T thinks his uncle R has probably gone decades without spending a night away from his wife.  Hmmmm.