Wednesday, April 28, 2010

T is a funny man. At least to me.

Last night T and I went on a RedBox run.  We were looking specifically for Disney's "Earth."  We couldn't get it at the first RedBox so we went looking for a second one.  We were following the mighty, mighty iphone's directions when I spied a different RedBox at a 7-11.  So T made a crazy turn into the 7-11 that the cashier and a bunch of people in the parking lot saw.  We were laughing at our crazy driving and as T was getting out of the car I leaned over and kissed him.  Then T got out of the car.

Except the car started moving!  A lot!  It was still in drive.  I yelled, "T the car is moving!"  My first thought was "I should hit the brakes," but I couldn't figure out how I would get over to the driver's seat quick enough because I still had my seat belt on - it's amazing what you can think in a 1/100th of a second - so I slammed the car into park.  I didn't even think about the emergency break.  T jumped back into the car and stepped on the brake at the same time.  And we were laughing.  At least I was!  We almost went through the front window of a 7-11!  (Don't worry Mom, we were a good six feet from the window when we stopped.)

Today T and I were folding laundry.  I noticed that T was only folding his clothes.  I asked him why he didn't fold any of my clothes.  T said, "I don't know how to fold your stuff.  Especially your socks.  They are so small.  They are like little foot toboggans."  I laughed until my abs were sore.  Thanks for the good workout, T!

Tonight T and I got in the car to return "Earth" to the RedBox machine.  I asked T, "Do you have the DVDizzle?"  (because I add "dizzle" to just about anything).  And T replied, "I'm all over it.  I have the Dazzle my DVs."  I laughed all the way to the RedBox.  It was just the way he said it - in his totally normal voice - not joking or anything.

Anyway, I love that guy.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Books 28 - 34

28.  "Pretties" by Scott Westerfeld 370 pages
29.  "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult 423 pages
       It was an okay book.  I don't think I would recommend it.  I was surprised by the ending, though.
30.  "Honey, Baby, Sweetheart" by Deb Caletti 308 pages
       I liked this one.  It's not a funny book, but several times I laughed out loud.  Really, the part where they
       are rescuing someone from the nursing home is hilarious.  And it made me cry once, too.  But that's not
       hard to do because I'm a crier. 
31.  "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger 536 pages
       Ungh.  Don't waste your time reading this one.  SO not worth it.
32.  "What We Wish We'd Known When We Were Newlyweds" by John and Kimberly Bytheway  127
       T and I read this for FHE together over the last few months.  Nothing groundbreaking, but good anyway.
33.  "Specials" by Scott Westerfeld 327 pages
       Overall, the series was just okay.  This book was a pretty crappy ending to the series, but I had to know
       how it ended.  There is one more book set in the same "world" with different characters but I'm not going
       to read it.
34.  "Hester - The Missing Years of the Scarlet Letter" by Paula Reed 306 pages
       I read this book because it was on the New York Times best seller list.  I was not impressed.  At the end
       of "The Scarlet Letter"  Hester Prynne leaves Boston but returns 10 years later.  This book - as implied
       by the title - fills in the ten years.  I felt like this book wasn't true at all to Hester's original character.  The
       language (there's not any swearing - I'm talking about the actual language) is not even close to the time
       period.  The morals are even further off from the time period.  I know that there have been questionable
       morals during all time periods, but this is set during the Puritan / Cromwell era of the mid 1600's and no
       one - NO ONE - acts like a Puritan in the book.  The author has basically taken the world's current
       values and plugged them into this Puritan / Cromwell setting.  It is not in the least realistic.

Anyway, I have checked out some books recommended by my friends, J and H, so hopefully the upcoming books will be more entertaining.

Friday, April 23, 2010

We're almost there... 11!

It's almost been a year since T and I got married.  What the?!  

I requested some urban type shots so after City Hall we went to a place our photographer, the wonderful Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen, knew.  It's a little parking alcove behind a downtown building.  I put on my other shrug and took my veil off. 
I like this shot because even though my bangs are in my face, I look super thin.

We used a plastic lawn chair from the parking lot to hop onto this ledge.  I fell through the chair climbing up and scraped my ankle. But I made it up!

I miss my long hair.  SO much.

This is in the same parking alcove.  Our photographer said the graffiti mural changes frequently.  This couch was also already back there.  Score!

It's hard to look serious when you are ridiculously happy!

T wanted some more traditional type shots so we headed to Liberty Park.

A classic.

Long veils are the best!

It's not a terrible shot or anything, but this one makes me laugh for some reason.  I think it's our cheeks...

Yeah, there are many kissing pictures.  It seemed to be our favorite pose.  Sorry about that.  But it's hard to not kiss when we spent the month prior to these photos apart!

Next month it's going to be a whole week full of wedding goodness to celebrate our one year anniversary!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Visit

My parents came to visit!  They brought pictures of things T and I missed in Utah the last month.

My dad laid down on the picnic table because the picnic table was warm.  L joined him.  Ahhh.  Springtime in Utah...

After Wolverine's blessing: Aunt J, Sister M, Sister in law S, and the twins!  C on the left, R on the right.

Baby Wolverine with his parents.  I love the color of Sister in law J's dress!

And here are the pictures from my parent's visit!  My parents have such good vibes.  I love being around them.

We wore our swimming suits to the beach, but it never got warm enough to take off our outer layer of clothes!  It was only 69 degrees and there was a strong breeze the whole time.  When my parents were here it was warmer in Utah than it was in Southern California!

I'm not flashing gang signs, I promise!  My fingers were dirty from the garlic rolls of goodness.

California has some size ginormous flowers!  My mom was constantly checking out the flowers.

This lizard is the most wildlife I have seen in Southern California (obviously not including seagulls and such).

Thanks for visiting us, mom and dad!  Y'all come back now, ya hear?