Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Shoes!

I got some new shoes!  They are beautiful!  I love new shoes in general but I love these because:
  • They are metallic (aka shiny - and you know how much I love shiny things).
  • My wonderful mom bought them for me when we went shopping when my parents were in town.
  • This is my first new pair of shoes since my wedding shoes (a year ago! - though to be honest I bought three potential pairs of wedding shoes and kept all three at my mom's urging.).
  • They have a four and a half inch heel (and you know I have a secret desire to be tall).
  • They are pretty comfortable on top of all the gorgeousness.
Here are the lovelies:

I know they look bronze here, but it's just the afternoon light.  They really are silver.  Though I wouldn't mind having a pair in bronze, too...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pick Up

When T hugs me / picks me up it pops my back and I love it.  I ask him to do it often.  Today I followed T into the bedroom and said, "T, will you pick me up really quick?"  and he replied in his ladies man voice, "Hey, baby.  Come here often?" 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wedding Week - T's wedding day memories

I asked T to write me his memories of our wedding day.  This is what he wrote:

"Hey. It's me. Yikes..."

Here is what I can remember of the Best Day Ever(!):

The night before I wasn't nervous at all - I actually slept really well. I do remember thinking before I fell asleep that that would be the last time I would have to sleep alone. It made me smile as I drifted off.

The morning of felt strangely normal and yet very surreal all at the same time (yes, I know - very descriptive, eh?); I woke up, ate breakfast, loafed about for a bit, and then went to shower. It was strange when I went to shower - I think that's when it all started to sink in. "Uh, you're getting married today! Wha?" My dad also made comments to the same effect throughout the morning. It was also strange after I got out of the shower that nobody had even started getting ready yet. "Um... Do I say something? They do remember when it is, right? Uh... I guess I'll see them there?!?..."

I left my parentals' house and went and grabbed the tuxuedo. It was still kind of surreal at that point. I kind of felt more like I was going to the prom instead of getting married. (Married? What? We're not old enough for that!) Arriving at your parentals' house and seeing you made me feel better. You looked gorgeous. I thought to myself, "You're a lucky guy."

We arrived at the temple. It still felt very surreal, but at the same time I felt very happy. I started getting a little nervous as I sat in the foyer at the back of the temple waiting for you - not much, but a little. I mostly passed the time wondering how you were holding up.

When you came out, it really hit me that we were getting married - though it didn't make me more nervous or anything; it was more like I finally wrapped my head around the thought. Remember that old temple worker that stopped us and started telling that story while your mom and the helper bee were holding the elevator, waiting for us? Ah, geriatrics and their stories.

As we waited in the other sealing room upstairs, I started feeling a little more nervous. "It's... it's not you... well, it's mostly you..." I never got close to panicking or passing out or anything like that, I was just nervous that you were so nervous. I remember how warm your hand felt in mine and trying to rack my brain for anything (appropriate) that would distract you/help calm you down. (PS - I think you held up like a champ. I was fully expecting some crying to happen. Not that I would have been at all prepared - I was just expecting it to happen. You know...)

We got to the sealing room and sat down. Probably the first thought that ran through my head (and the last that would have run through your head) was, "Huh. There are still some seats open. We could've shoved a few more people in here..." Haha! I felt bad pinching your hand as Teitei started talking to us. I secretly hope nobody noticed - that's the last thing we need (besides a dead mother (don't worry, it's an inside joke)): somebody thinking I strong-armed you into marrying me! =) When President told us that we probably wouldn't remember much of what he said, I thought to myself, "Psssh. Right. Like we won't remember." When all was said and done, I probably could have only recited maybe one or two things (go team!).

We knelt at the altar. I was glad you answered Teitei's question of what we saw. (It was actually very surprising to me that you were as vocal as you were - I was nervous as your turn to say "yes" came that you wouldn't be able to.) Then we had that awesome kiss across the altar. (To me, it seemed pretty normal, but apparently we really went at it?) And then the nervousness subsided (in both of us?)

Then we got changed and went outside. And cousin B seriously caught me by surprise. I really wasn't expecting her to run and hug me - and I didn't see her (even out of the corner of my eye) when she did. I'm just glad I didn't fall over and take you down with me or something like that. That would have been a way to start off married life, huh? I think I was too distracted by you (because seriously - you looked good).

I'm glad we didn't do too many pictures with everyone. I mean, we love them and all that, but I'm glad we didn't do the "Ok. Now all males related to the groom above the age of 18 that are married." kind of stuff that everyone does.

Really, I think our wedding was awesome (thanks, babe) and so much fun! The weather was absolutely perfect - right temperature, beautiful clouds in the sky, amazing pictures of the mountains behind us. Really, it was awesome. I felt so very lucky to be married to you. I couldn't help thinking "Ok, ETFizzle, let's wrap it up - I just want to be with S." Not that I didn't enjoy taking pictures with you (we have the most fantastic wedding pictures ever!), but I just wanted to be alone with you. Finally. After all our time in different time zones and states and whatnot. But I'm glad we stayed and got the pictures we did at the temple. I really, really like them. And, again, you looked absolutely amazing.

The reception was even better than I had pictured it in my mind. The grass was so green and the decorations were so classy yet fun. It was fun to watch the babies play around in the balloons and with the wand things. The flowers were gorgeous. The photobooth was an awesome idea (again, nice work babe). I think I kind of lost myself at the reception - it just kind of felt like a party (wahoo!) with some friends and family. I'm glad we didn't do the line thing, and I'm glad it didn't feel like the traditional Mormon reception. Really, until we went to cut the cake it really just felt like an awesome party. Our cake was great ("I can do anything good"). I'm glad we went with the variety of flavors that we did. I remember just standing back after we got our pieces and watching everyone just having a great time. And it made me very happy. (Same with watching everyone play with the photobooth)

I was quite surprised that things winded down as quickly as they did. I thought it was very interesting that we were some of the last people to leave. Not that that's a bad thing... Just interesting.

I was kind of disappointed that they found the car. Not that we hid it particularly well. I was glad they didn't have the keys, so a quick carwash took care of most of it.

So, yeah. There you go. A few thoughts. Mostly, I just felt so incredibly happy. And even more so after the actual ceremony part was over so you were more relaxed. It made me so happy at the reception to watch everyone just really enjoying themselves and having a good time - it made me even more appreciative of all the hard work on your part to put it all together.

Thanks, S. Thanks for the awesome wedding. And thanks for an awesome first year.

Wedding Week - We got married! It was AWESOME!

Of course all photos by the ridiculously talented Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen.

Coming out of the temple I was SO happy.


Surprise attack by cousin B!

I showed J my ring and he showed me his (a CTR ring).  Love this kid!

Here is how we filled the time waiting for everyone to come over for pictures.

People wrangling is hard work.  Especially baby wrangling.

Everyone at the temple.

All of T's family.

T's immediate family.

I love mine and T's faces in this one.

S's family.

S's immediate family.

S with her siblings.  My sister and T's sister in law were both pregnant with twins at our wedding. 

Aahh the sun is so bright!

T and his siblings.

With T's parents.

S with her parents.  I wanted one of me and T with my parents (side note - I loved my mom's dress) but I looked bad and my dad's eyes were closed so...

Both of our immediate families.  I LOVE this set up.  We are going to make this into a huge canvas print.

Best. Day. Ever.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wedding Week - Just Photos Not of Us!

Some pictures the lovely and talented ETF took from our wedding other than us!

I love all the coordinating (but not matching!) black and light pink.  Seeing everyone wearing it made me SO happy.

Those roses were size ginormous!  I think T's sister was holding my bouquet while I used a dryer sheet she brought me on my static-y dress...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding Week - Just Photos 2!

I promise this is the last of the black tie (groomals for you Utah kids) photos.  We just had the best time and our photographer, Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen, got the best pictures I just want to share them all...

Check out that long, beautiful hair!

I really love the light in this next series.

We used this one on our thank you notes.

Up next... actual wedding day photos!