Tuesday, May 31, 2011

His and Hers

Things in our house that are his and hers:
  • Towels
  • Closets
  • Milk
  • Toothpaste
  • Lasagna
Anyone else have some strange his and hers items?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Visit by the Parental Units

My parents came to visit us.  I heart them and hope they had a good time.  Now for a ridiculous amount of photos.

The Lincoln Monument

This is my second favorite photo of the trip.

The Korean War Memorial

The Vietnam War Memorial

The Postal Museum

He owns this set of stamps...

I pretended to be a trucker.

The Jefferson Monument

Looking out over the incredibly flooded Tidal Basin.

Jefferson is crushing my mom's head!  He just needs to flex his biceps and this photo would be perfect!

My mom french braided my hair three times while she was here - LOVE!  I can't french braid my own hair.  In fact, I can't french braid at all.

The National Cathedral

In Baltimore watching the Orioles play the Nationals.
Our actual seats were in the shade, thank goodness.

Some old family haunts

T on the monkey bars at Somerset Elementary.

Iwo Jima / Marines Memorial - This is my favorite photo of the trip.

My dad took this one of me and T with his phone.

The Supreme Court

Super cool gold elevator doors at the Supreme Court.  I am very fascinated by the Supreme Court.  I really want to go back in October to see the court in action and hear oral arguments.

Awww, T's first plank was on the air mattress.

Playing darts.  My dad was the best, but my mom was the best come from behind player.

We went on a tour of the Capitol, but all the photos are on my parent's camera.  We also visited the Holocaust memorial and museum, but photos were not allowed.

We had remarkably good weather the entire time.  It was overcast and only rained once.  However, we had the worst traffic with my parents that we have ever had in D.C. (except for that time we moved here in a snow storm).  My parents were so good to us - they filled up our gas tank, did our dishes, bought us groceries, and took us out to eat several times.  We are really glad they came to visit.

You may wonder why T was not in very many photos.  He had crazy long hours at work because they are approaching a deadline.  He had to work full days on Saturday and Sunday.  Booo.
The roads around here are more than slightly confusing.  Sometimes the green freeway signs straight up lie.  And in places like this if you don't know already know how to get where you want to go you are just out of luck.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Planking is the new owning fountains

Basically, if you stand in a fountain and take a photo that means you "own" that fountain.  Like this:
Bestie E and I "own" this fountain at a particular college campus.  Trust me, I "own" many other fountains.

Anyway, I think I'm going to move on from fountains to planking.  The Bulletin explains it best: "Planking involves a person lying flat on their stomach in different environments while another person takes photos, which are then shared among fellow “plankers” via internet sites, including Facebook."  Like this:

I could plank anywhere!  Well, anywhere where I can convince T to take a photo of me proving I did so.  Hmmm.  This might be harder than I initially thought...

Awww... S's first plank!

Try it, I think you'll like it!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Currently listening to:

"Uncharted" by Sara Bareilles.  Love it!

I love how lots of her songs start with really strong / awesome piano stuff.

P.S.  This song totally has the word "kaleidoscope"  in it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

National Zoo

Saturday T and I went to the National Zoo, and like all Smithsonian things, it was free.  Seriously, I love all the free things to do in D.C.  The zoo really wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be.  We went right as the zoo opened so some of the animals weren't out yet.

At the entrance to the zoo.  I love that it looks like I am in a jungle and I stumbled across some pretty awesome (and well manicured) ruins.

As T and I were meandering we were talking about how cute and furry baby lion cubs are.  T said, "I just want to cuddle one.  That's why the millennium is going to be awesome!  As soon as it happens I am making a beeline for the zoo!"

See how cute and cuddly:
(from zooborns!)

A red panda.  He was so close and so furry; T really wanted to pet him.  Some teenage boys going past, who obviously didn't read the signs, thought this was a lemur.  Really.

Panda fun!  

Getting his noms on.

There were quite a few exhibits closed for construction.  This was in front of the partially closed elephant exhibit.  I guess we can go back in 2013 to see the monkeys and sea lions.

The opened portion of the elephant enclosure.  They look so dirty!  I know that the dirt / mud is a sunscreen and also keeps the bugs from biting, though.

This is an orangutan on the "O-line."  It's a series of towers in enclosures connected with rope to mimic their natural habitat and ways of moving around.  The orangutans can move about freely and the lines actually cross some of the main pathways.   Talking about orangutans has totally made me want some cold Tang!

Just after we snapped this photo, the orangutan decided to randomly slide all the way down the hill on his back.

A different form of the self-portrait.  I didn't realize there was a scratch on the mirror in front of T's face until just now. :(

That's a crocodile right up against the glass and kids right up against the other side of the glass.  Both sides are wondering what it would be like if the glass were not present...

 Fact: Polar bears and komodo dragons are the only animals that will actively stalk humans as prey.

Pretty lions.
T really liked this younger lion on the right.  He thought it looked like the lion was plotting.

I really liked the cheetah exhibit.

We saw the zoo in about 2.5 hours.  The zoo food was totally overpriced, as expected, but there are lots of picnic areas if you want to bring your own lunch.  The zoo does have on site parking for $15, but as we were leaving there was a big sign that said "all lots full" so definitely arrive early.  We were able to park for free in the neighborhood because it was a weekend.  Parking in the zoo neighborhood is always free, it just has a two hour time limit during the week.  The zoo was fun, but it was just like any other zoo (well, maybe not like San Diego Wild Animal Park).  If you're a tourist on a short visit to D.C. and have a zoo in your hometown, I would skip the National Zoo just because there are so many other things to do that are completely unique to D.C.  But if you're on a longer D.C. trip, don't have a zoo in your hometown, or you have kids, I would recommend the zoo. 

As we were driving home we saw a sweet parking spot near The White House.  So we parked.  Hey, when life hands you the gift of a beautiful parking spot in downtown D.C. you take it.  This is the backside of The White House.  The kitchen garden is just off to the left.  Doesn't this picture look so fake?!

Facing away from the back of The White House is the Washington Monument.  I have no idea why the auto settings used the flash in this photo - it was crazy bright outside!

We walked all the way around The White House (it's a big property!) to the front, which is much closer to the fence.  You can make out a sniper on the roof if you look closely.

We stopped at a gift shop east of The White House where we scored this beautiful ornament for $12.
We have been looking for a White House ornament since we arrived in D.C.  Most are the yearly ornaments and we wanted one without a date on it - we won!  Now we just need to find a "Virginia is for Lovers" ornament... At this particular gift shop they have a reproduction of the Oval Office - specifically the President's desk - so you can get a very presidential looking photo.  I thought it was actually kind of cool and it was only $5, but we were so not looking presidential that day.

Me with Andrew Jackson in the park in front of The White House.

And then we went home and I slept for an hour.  Weekend naps are great.  The end.