Sunday, July 31, 2011


Two nights ago I asked T what we should name our racehorse.  We don't currently have a racehorse and have no plans to ever purchase one, but... everyone knows that racehorses have the most awesome names around (Rock Hard Ten, War Admiral, Man O' War, Smarty Jones, and the list goes on).  In fact, I choose who I want to win the Kentucky Derby based on name alone.
We've decided to name our racehorse Blind Ambition.  But the horse can see.  But we would get better press if he really were blind.

Our runner up racehorse name is Goes With Everything.  Because really, winning Goes With Everything.

Do you have a racehorse name picked out?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Gun Show

A few days ago T asked if I wanted to see the gun show this weekend. (from here)
I said uber flirtatiously, "Well, can't I just see the gun show right now?"  But it turns out T wasn't talking about his muscles - he was talking about an actual gun show in Chantilly, VA this weekend.  So we went.

This photo pretty much sums up how I felt about the whole experience:

You probably know how I feel about guns.  Well, actually, you probably have no idea how I feel about guns (but if you're a tad bit astute you might pick up on it from the photo).  The short version is I don't like guns and will never let one in my house.  I don't understand why other people think they need to own guns, but I  think it is their right to own one if they want to.  The long version is at the bottom of the post.

I didn't grow up with guns.  I've never shot a gun.*  I've never seen a real gun up close.  The closest I've ever been to any kind of gun is seeing one on TV (actually, considering the number of concealed weapon permits out there I've probably been close to a gun and just didn't know it - and I'm glad I didn't know it.).  I've never played any shoot 'em up type video or computer games.  I literally have no experience with guns and I liked it that way.

I get a lot of my ideas about guns from my mom.  For example: a long time ago my dad was a Boy Scout camp director at a camp with a Mountain Man theme.  My dad wanted to get a black powder gun for camp.  My mom really didn't want a gun in the house** (even though a black powder gun is not exactly easy or fast to load and fire) so she thought long and hard about something else that my dad might want instead.  She offered to buy him a dual control electric blanket.  And my dad decided to go with the blanket instead of the gun (if you know my dad this totally makes sense; the man gets cold easily).

Anyway, as you can imagine, a gun show is not really my scene.  And on top of that, what do you wear to a gun show???  I don't own any camo!  But T wanted to go (he grew up with guns), and I want to go where T wants to go.  Plus, this would totally be an adventure for me, and I love adventure! (But not enough to buy adventure pants.  Those things are not fashionable.  (adventure pants = zip off pants)) I felt okay going because I checked out the gun show website and absolutely no loaded guns are allowed in the building.  So I knew going in that none of the guns would be loaded and that all the guns would also have zip ties on them making them unshoot-able.  I thought that sounded like a pretty ideal (and safe!) arrangement for my first introduction to guns.  For the record, we are never going to own a gun.

The night before we went T explained a lot of things about how guns work and different types of guns so I would understand the basics.  My game plan was to just remain silent for the duration of the gun show so I wouldn't embarrass us.  T tried to tell me that we would be surrounded by guns, and while I understood in theory, it was quite shocking when we walked in.  There were guns everywhere.  It actually freaked me out quite a bit.  My heart was pounding and I was holding back tears (remember, crying is my default emotion).  T asked if I was okay and I said yes.  I clenched T's hand really tight and tried to hide the crazy fear in my eyes and off we went. 

I got calmer as we went around the 1.3 miles of stalls.  It helped SO much to know that there was absolutely no way for any of these guns to fire.  I held some handguns (no photos allowed, but T will verify that I held several).  Handguns, even of the smallest variety, are surprisingly heavy.  Also, it is seriously hard to pull back a hammer or slide (look at me knowing gun parts!).  Oh, and I can't take lady guns seriously.  They are pink and just look so fake so I would probably forget that they are real (or maybe not, they are heavy!) and injure myself.

There were a bunch of knife, survival kit, and war memorabilia stalls as well.  We were actually looking for a knife for our 72 hour / zombie apocalypse kit, but didn't find any we liked.  We did buy two other things for our kit: a bunch of beef jerky and a small portable butane stove. (Our most likely emergency situation would be a winter power outage.)

The gun show demographic wasn't as redneck and biker gang as I thought it would be.  Actually most everyone looked normal. 

So there you go.  S's first gun show and first time holding a gun.  All in all, I think I handled the gun show really well.  And though I am a very small tad more comfortable with guns (read: if there was some crazy situation where I had to hold a real loaded gun and possibly use said gun odds are now 50/50 that I would pee my pants instead of 100%) my feelings towards guns remain virtually the same.

Someday T might take me to a gun range and I might fire a gun.  It will have to have just one bullet in it because there is a very real possibility that immediately after I pull the trigger I will drop it out of terror / surprise.  And I'm pretty sure that dropping a loaded gun is not a good thing.  But then again, I could be wrong.  If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm pretty new to this gun thing.

Oh, after the gun show T and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and bought a Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife:

*I misspoke.  I think I fired one shot on a BB gun at Camp Tracy. 
**Even though my mom won't let guns in the house she has no qualms about lying about having a gun in the house.  If there is an intruder in the house part of my mom's plan is to say really loud to my dad "You get the gun; I'll call the cops."  I hope my dad knows this is the plan or wackiness could ensue...

My feelings about guns (these are my feelings, not T's):  I don't see why anyone would want to or need to own a gun.
  • I know some people have guns because they like to hunt.  I think it is mean to hunt animals just for sport.  I don't see the point in hunting unless you are hunting to feed your family.  I barely like the way beef tastes - pretty sure I'm not going to enjoy bear, elk, deer, antelope, or rabbit meat (but this is easy for me to say because T keeps me well fed with mainstream meat).  
  • I really see no reason why anyone would need anything resembling a machine gun and I don't think guns like that should be legal at all.  
  • If you just like to shoot (target practice or clay pigeons), then rent a gun at the gun range.  
  • If you feel like you need a handgun for protection, I think you need to hang out with different people, move to a safer neighborhood, and / or get a home security alarm.  I know some people have used guns successfully against home invaders or other situations.  But many people have also had their own guns used against them in those exact same situations.  
  • I don't think kids and guns should be in the same house even if you have a gun safe and keep the gun and ammo separate (and if they are separate, is your gun really accessible to use for self-defense?).  The risk that anything will happen when a gun is in the house is small, but the consequences are too great to justify it. You can lecture and educate your kids about gun safety, but the risk, however small, is still there that even if they know not to touch the gun, they will touch the gun.  And then only bad things can happen.  I couldn't live with myself if a kid died because I kept a gun in my house.  It's such an easy thing to prevent.  There will never be a gun in my house.  
  • I do think that background checks to buy a gun should be more thorough, but I also think that it is a citizen's right to own a gun if he wants to.  
Gun ownership is something that just doesn't make sense to me (kind of like being a runner, a Democrat, or a vegetarian), but as long as it is done properly by others, that's their business.  We can still be friends if you're a gun owner, runner, Democrat, or vegetarian!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

26 months

The last of the photos from brother W.

And that's all she wrote.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's pretty hot here.  I just left Target (at 11:00 p.m.) and to me, even though it is night, it felt like daytime in the shade.  So I got home and checked the weather.  This is a screen shot from my computer:

Right now, at 11:20 p.m., it is 89 degrees. It feels like 104 degrees due to humidity. I thought it was supposed to cool down at night?... But since the overnight low is only 8 degrees cooler than right now, I guess not.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.

I hope the rain later in the week cools us off, but I'm pretty sure it will just make the air more muggy.  Basically, it's hotter than Hell.  No, really.  It's only 76 degrees in Hell, Michigan.  Ha ha.  I'm a laugh a minute.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Utah! - The Raging Waters portion

T and I went to Raging Waters with his family on our last Saturday in Utah.  I was a bit concerned about how the water (and chemicals and germs in the water) would affect my burn.  My burn was 11 days old at that point and looking much better (and smaller) so I decided it wouldn't be a big deal.  I put on the burn cream, then a thick layer of vaseline on top of that, then a giant waterproof bandaid, then sealed the bandaid with clear first aid tape. It worked beautifully.  I checked it constantly while we playing in the water, but the bandaid didn't fall off and the water never touched my burn.  Go team!  

Now for a few photos...

Babies looking all sweet and innocent (ha!).

The kids kept putting their mouths around the entire bottle opening, which as you can probably guess did not go well.  T's mom is trying to show the kids how it's done.

Awww... the twins are sharing.

It was a fun time and neither of us got sunburned!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things that must go

My favorite radio station of all time is X96.  The morning show has a feature called "things that must go."  It's basically a list of pet peeves that the hosts and listeners wish would go away.  Here is my list of things that must go:

  1. Cabbies.  All of them.  No exceptions.
  2. The words preggo, luncheon, and panties.
  3. People who have their milk (gallon sized) put in bags at the grocery store.
  4. Every song by Pink.  No exceptions.
  5. Hipsters.

What's on your list of "things that must go"?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Utah! - The friends portion

I saw a bunch of friends during the Utah trip.  It was wonderful.  These girls make me SO happy.  

Bestie K 

Bestie Cousin M 

I went to a KISS THIS concert with Bestie M (the concert was part of the Murray Relay for Life)

This is M's dad!

With Besties H and M

Besties A, J, and A.

I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of me and Bestie J.  Insert saddest sad face ever here.  I heart that girl and can't wait for her wedding!

We also forgot to take a photo of us with T&R and their three cute girls.  :(  Obviously forgetting was a theme this vacation. 

Bestie parents (why yes, this is an iPhone photo taken at church while my mom is playing the organ)

And of course the bestie of all besties, T. Okay, so I see him all the time, but still... he's the ultimate bestie and I did see him in Utah.
 Can you believe it's been two years since we got married here?!
I love that we look identical in these two photos.  It seriously looks like we just photoshopped a different background in.  I promise we didn't!

Seriously, it was good for my soul to see these friends.  Hopefully our next trip isn't so crazy busy so we can see the friends we missed this time.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Utah! - The wedding portion

The reason we visited Utah when we did was so we could go to two of T's cousin's weddings.  First up was cousin C.  Yay!  I LOVE weddings.  And we love this family.

The reception was at a park.  When we pulled up to the park all we could see was baseball fields.  But the reception was inside the main building and it was classy and gorgeous.

There was family...

More family... (Check out the bride and groom in the background of the top left photo.  Thier line was crazy long all night.)


And even more family.
Those pilars in the back are not solid.  They are foam.  I found that out the hard way.  Also, the strawberry dessert that H is eating was incredibly delicious. 

We went outside for some mountain photos (oh, I miss the mountains)...

And found out that that is where all the cool kids were hanging out.

No, really, it's where the kids were hanging out.

G fell asleep in his little brother's carrier.  And that was good because things were about to get crazy.

Okay, not crazy, but there was planking!  Wedding cake planking...

Car planking...

And gift planking.

We attempted to recreate the famous photobooth picture from my wedding.

And a pretty version.  Because, really, we are pretty.  Very pretty.

Oh, there were some outtakes.  Top right: C is getting her Vogue on while the rest of us ham it up. Bottom right: I have a hand springing from my chest and K is feeling up C.  Check out the surprise on C's face!

These are the only two photos we got of the bride and groom.  Seriously, they were SO busy.  Check out the bride's niece twirling in the background during the first dance :)

Heading towards the car.
I am more than slightly envious of the bride's hair.

But we saw them after they got back from their honeymoon.  Are they cute or what?!

Awwwww. Weddings are the best!