Friday, November 25, 2011

Yet another Sara Bareilles song

A while back my friend A posted this music video by Sara Bareilles on facebook.  I liked it and then didn't think of it again.  On Tuesday I heard the song playing overhead in a store.  At first I couldn't remember how I vaguely knew this song.  I figured it out and came home and listened to it four times in a row.

 This one is called "Gonna Get Over You."

I like her songs (and her look!) but I have heard that she has a mouth like a sailor (though not in any of the songs I have posted).  And I really hate it when people swear. So I'm not sure how much I want to like her.

Other Sara Bareilles songs I have posted about: Uncharted and King of Anything.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 months

As promised (threatened?) here are s'more of our engagement photos in honor of our big 3-0.  Or is it our second anniversary of 29?...

Umm... this is where things get not so pretty.  But my hair looks pretty!  Seriously, though.  There are about 11 photos in a row in this position where I am talking or making weird faces or blinking.

This one looks okay, though.

I'm confused here.  "Where's the cake?  I was told there would be cake. What do you mean that part isn't until the actual wedding?!"
Notice I'm not wearing my engagement ring?  We took it to be sized the day before (I told T that I thought I wore a size six ring, but it turns out I wear size four and a quarter!) and didn't have it back yet.  But that was just fine with me because I hate those engagement photos where the girl has her hand resting on the guy's arm to show off her ring.  Super tacky.

I love these white flowers.  Anybody know what they are called?

Definitely not a flattering photo of us, but my hair looks so long and lovely here that I couldn't resist.  Also, what am I doing with my hands?!  Scary!

If I could wink, this is where I would do it.  As always, more to come next month.

Friday, November 4, 2011


At my Aunt J's suggestion, T and I took a leisurely drive through part of Shenandoah National Park two weekends ago.  Well, technically she suggested Blue Ridge Parkway.  And that was the plan, but we kept stopping so we never quite got to Blue Ridge, but I imagine the scenery is incredibly similar.  Oh, this is another place that we had no idea is only two hours from D.C.!

You will definitely want to bring some snacks / a picnic.  The closest town to Shenandoah National Park has next to zero food offerings and the stops in the National Park for food are very crowded.

The first half of our outing was pretty cold.  Like "it's 44 degrees outside and we are only wearing light jackets" cold.

Also, I don't know what I did to the camera settings to make these two photos look all grainy...

We pulled over at almost every outlook.

Seriously, some good views from the tops of the Shenandoah Mountains.

We hiked Stony Man trail.  We were going to do Little Stony Man, which is supposed to be really easy, but decided to do Stony Man.  It wasn't that hard at all.  It was only 1.6 miles round trip.  It was still cold and all I had was that light jacket so I wrapped the fleece blanket we keep in the car around me as we started out.  About halfway up the sun came out and significantly warmed us up (okay, also the hiking warmed us up).  This is the view from the top.  Don't fall, T!

Sometimes looking out toward the horizon the land looked so blue that it really did look like the ocean.

Seriously, the colors were gorgeous.

T rocking the self-photo.

I stopped on the trail back down to take this photo looking straight up.  I think it is my favorite photo of the day.

The sun made it warmer, but it was still cold because of the wind.  Check out my hair!

Getting out and wandering about provided us with some great views, but even just driving was lovely.

So, Shenandoah = a BIG yes to visit in the fall.  The colors in our neighborhood have been quite lovely lately, too.  Go fall!!!