Saturday, December 31, 2011


I love me some Christmas but this year December has been kinda wonky.  I have been sick literally the entire month with a terrible cough.  Like coughing so hard I thought I would actually puke.  Like coughing so long I couldn't catch my breath and would almost pass out.  Like coughing so often I could only sleep in about 15 minute increments if at all.  I finally went to see the doctor a few days before Christmas because my ribs were hurting every time I took a breath.  Turns out I have bronchitis and I bruised / hairline fractured a few ribs from coughing so hard and so often.  Awesome.  The good news is that the antibiotics are working and hopefully in another week everything will be completely over.

Even though December wasn't quite normal, we did do some Christmas-y stuff.  We missed a bunch of stuff I wanted to do, but there is always next year.  I know you're just here for the photos so here they are. 

Our lit up but undecorated tree.  Don't worry, we did decorate it.

In SoCal our neighborhood had a Christmas Eve parade.  In D.C. they also have a parade of sorts.  It's just that this one takes place down the Potomac River with decorated boats.  It was really cool, even though the pictures are not so great.  It's hard to take photos at night of something that is lit up AND moving!

Santa fishing (the fish wasn't lit up right then), a lighthouse, a wreath on a mast, a turtle (with moving legs!), and an American flag.  The rest of the photos were too blurry to post.  I think we'll do this again next year. 

We went to see the National Tree on the Ellipse in front of the White House.  It was definitely not what we were expecting.

It's not that tall and it's kinda shaped funny.  It's because it is a living tree planted in the late 70's.  So yay for being green, but not so yay on the impressive scale.

Around the National Christmas tree there are smaller Christmas trees representing each state / territory (this one is Iowa's).  Towards the back is Santa's Workshop.  You walk past the White House to get to everything.

We went to the Festival of Lights, which is the D.C. temple's version of Temple Square.  It was really awesome.

We saw a Christmas concert at the Visitor's Center and then the nativity exhibit (about 100 different nativity sets from around the world).  This one was my favorite because it looks kinda like a carousel. 

I was really digging these purple trees.

This Christmas tree in the Visitor's Center was decorated by our stake.  Not that I had anything to do with it, but you know, reflected glory and whatnot.

This is the tree at the National Harbor.  Much better than the White House National tree. 
Plus, this tree's lights were choreographed to change color and pattern with the music.

This tree is at the National Patent Trademark Office.  I was a big fan.  This is what I expected the National Tree at the White House to look like.

We drove past the Capitol's tree downtown and it looked better than the White House tree, but not as good as the National Harbor tree.  All the Christmas trees in D.C. totally pale in comparison to the tree at Rockefeller Plaza. 

This is me in front of the Rockefeller tree in January 2009.  Shortly after this photo was taken we saw a guy propose to his girlfriend in the middle of the ice rink!  Sweet!  It made me tear up probably because I had just gotten engaged a week earlier!

Anyway, the Rockefeller tree really is the best Christmas tree in the country!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where's the snow, yo?

Two Novembers ago T flew to D.C. for work and there was snow.  Last December when T flew to D.C. for his interview there was snow.  And this December, when I was SO looking forward to a white Christmas, there is no snow.  Where's the snow, yo?!  Is Wyoming hoarding it again?!  Give it up to the rest of us already!

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Masquerade Christmas Cocktail Party

Two nights ago T's work threw a Christmas party for their employees.  It was masquerade themed and we received masks with our invitation and were instructed to wear them (the masks, not the invitation).  Everyone was excited because the previous two Christmas parties had been at a BBQ joint and a sandwich shop.  Apparently this was a good year for T's work.

So what do you wear to a Christmas masquerade cocktail party?  It was easy for T: a suit and tie.  Me... not so easy.  Cocktail attire usually = knee length dress.  And I do have a really nice little black dress that would have worked.  But it's kinda sedate for a masquerade Christmas combo.  So I went shopping.  Duh.

I was looking for a bib necklace (like this) to sparkle up my black dress or a new dress and ended up with a new dress.  It's long but I think the metalic-ness of the dress made it okay for a cocktail party. 

The eye holes in the masks were way off and were totally cutting into our eyeballs.  But they looked and felt mostly okay after we took a box cutter to them.  So... here we are! 
Some people really went all out with the masks and wore really nice / expensive ones.  We just wore the plain ones that came with the invite which was probably good because after the first hour, everyone took their masks off.  It was just too hot.  Plus, I think most of us like having our peripheral vision.

My hair was very much not cooperating, hence the braid.  This lovely iPhone photo brought to you by one of T's buzzed co-workers.  Check out how wet T is!  It was pouring on our way in.

The restaurant was sort of Moulin Rouge themed.  EVERYTHING was red velvet and gold and crystal.  I'm going to do a terrible job of explaining this, but there was also a glassed in stage that had dancers about every 15 minutes.  I'm sure the dancers were meant to accent the Moulin Rouge feel, but the dancers weren't good and it was just weird choreography.  I think they were mostly ignored because everyone else was too busy taking advantage of the open bar.

We ended up staying an hour later than we expected because we wanted to see if T won the guessing game that had a $1,000 cash prize (he didn't).  We left around 10:45, but apparently the party went on all night.  After the official party ended at 11 they went to karaoke. Then a diner.  Then to Adams Morgan (a major night life area in D.C.).  So the after parties went until about 3 a.m. and everyone was late and hung over at work the next day.  So glad we are not partiers / drinkers.  We are not missing out on anything.

This is after we got home.
This dress is SUPER comfy.  I'm totally going to wear it to church this week.  I bet the nursery kids will love it.  You know, if they even ever notice what I wear.  Actually sometimes they do.  I wore my blue tights a few weeks ago and our favorite little red-headed girl told me that she liked them. 

Friday, December 2, 2011


So, bloggy, I'm sick.  T had it last week and now it's my turn.  Boooo.  It's not the flu, just a sore throat and stuffy head.  Anyway, my voice is all screwed up and it hurts to swallow.  I'm such a wimp.   I haven't been sick in a long time and I totally forgot how terrible being sick is.   It's terrible!