Monday, January 23, 2012


People, we are rapidly approaching the three year mark.  Strange!  It feels like we have been married forever (in a good way) and only a few months at the same time (also in a good way)!  Of course the proper way to celebrate 32 months is with ...more photos of us!  These are still from the set taken at the Los Angeles Temple by T's friend.

This one was a strong contender for our wedding announcement.

I'm freaked out because I just realized what I am getting into while T is smiling because he already knew what I was getting into. (I'm JOKING!)

Of course more to come next month.  I guess you might think that we are quite vain with all the photos I post of us.  We're not.  I just post these photos because they remind me of how much I love T.  And that is definitely the thing I think about most everyday.  And I think that that love deserves a bit of a celebration.  Thus, the photos.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

J's visit

T's brother J came to visit us for a bit two days after Christmas.  Here's a bunch (and I mean a BUNCH) of photos of a bunch of things we did.  Well, he did stuff without us, too, but obviously we don't have any pictures of those things!

Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum

Marine / Iwo Jima Monument

Jefferson Monument

At Arlington National Cemetery (If you know what to look for in this photo you can see the Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington Monuments and the Capitol)

J with Lincoln at Gettysburg

National Cemetery at Gettysburg

Virginia's Monument at Gettysburg

With Lee at Virginia's Monument and Buford at Little Round Top

Little Round Top

Part of the WWII Memorial (J is under the Philippines column)

Washington Monument

Me and T at our favorite monument (D.C. WWI)

The Lincoln Monument - Don't be alarmed.  That is not a fire.  It is merely clouds.

See.  Just clouds.

The National Cathedral

The National Zoo

With a panda!  With a tiger!  That tiger was pacing back and forth and SO ready to eat some child if they fell in.

The USS Barry Destroyer

The National Archives (where you can see the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights).  Yes, it warmed up that day.

About five hours before we had to wake up to get J to his flight.

I think it was a pretty fabulous trip.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

5:30 p.m. in D.C.

I took this iPhone picture on my way to the Kennedy Center with T's brother.  Gorgeous.  Just Gorgeous.

This one isn't sunset (obviously) and was taken the next day about the same time, just facing south instead of west.  It gets dark fast, yo!  Anyway, the contrast of the blues that night was amazing.  It was a lot more impressive in person.  This iPhone photo through the car window really doesn't do it justice.
Those are STARS you can see!  We never saw stars in SoCal.

How can people not believe in God when they see things like this?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In September I noticed that a few of my friends had joined an event on facebook called Reading the Book of Mormon.  The event came with a suggested reading schedule starting September 1 and ending December 31.  For some reason, I really latched onto the event.  T and I read the whole Book of Mormon together between September 1 and December 31. 

I know it's not that big of a deal because that works out to only like 4 pages a day or something.  As much as I love to read I've never been good at reading the scriptures, even though growing up my family read them everyday.  I think it's because I really love reading for pleasure, so when I read I expect to be entertained and I think we all know that the scriptures aren't really about entertainment.  Reading the Book of Mormon in such a (relatively) short time frame really helped me keep better track of what was going on and helped keep my attention better.  I was rather impressed with us for reading consistently.  The last night we didn't even have to read any extra to finish.

Reading the Book of Mormon together has definitely been good for us.  We have a scripture goal for this year, too.  So slowly we're working on getting better with the scripture thing.  Hopefully by the time we're 60, it will be totally ingrained in our lives.  Maybe by then I can get T to like tomatoes, too.  Maybe sooner.  For the scriptures and the tomatoes.

A fun side note:  Reading the scriptures makes me yawn like crazy regardless of what time of day we are
 reading!  Like two yawns per column the whole time we read!  
Another side note, this one isn't fun, it's just regular:  For most of December I couldn't read aloud because talking = coughing.  So to keep on schedule T would read one chapter aloud then we would read silently side by side.