Tuesday, August 28, 2012

She's here!

In no particular order:

Pippa's first day on earth.  Man, that hat would not stay on for anything!

She's just a few hours old here.

Already she doesn't look like this anymore.

This is what she looks like.  From her second day here.

From her second day - we have finally both showered.

Her second day.

Right after she was born.

Her first day getting some skin on skin in.  She is SOOO soft!

Again, that hat did not want to stay on.

All wrapped up in her bassinet.

Getting her hearing checked.  (she passed)

T on the second day when he came home to shower, sleep, and put the car seat in.  She was 2.5 weeks early so the cars eat was still in the box, but at least we had it!

She is a champion sleeper.  Hopefully that keeps up, but we know it probably won't.

Our first family photo (from her second day).

She is just so cute when she sleeps.  We can't stop looking at her and telling each other how beautiful and perfect she is.

Going home.  She is so tiny in her car seat.

We're home! On her third day.

Third day and first moments at home.  LOVE those ballet slippers that are part of her sleeper!

Sleeping on T.

From her first day.

We are so happy that Pippa is here!  It's all very surreal and very wonderful.  My heart glows looking at  her.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

39 months

Not to be confused with 39 weeks because I am currently only 37 weeks.  T and I have been married for 39 months now.  And it's the last month that we will have alone together for a LONG time.  We're very excited to meet Baby Pippa, but have definitely enjoyed our time as just a couple.

These photos from February 2009 were taken by T's friend at the Los Angeles Temple.

This was never meant to be a contender for our wedding announcements.  I have photos with most of my nieces and nephews (and assorted other relatives) with me in this same pose.  I know it doesn't make sense to you, but trust me, it used to be my thing.

And we'll finish with a nicer (though washed out) one, just because I know it will make my mom happy.

I hope there will still be the occasional monthly anniversary post, but we'll see how things go once Pippa gets here!  (Yes, I know I could write the posts in advance now, but trust me, there are SO many other things ahead of the blog on the list of things we need to do before baby comes!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and during weeks 33 and 34 especially I was like the hungriest caterpillar.  I felt like Pippin in this clip from Lord of the Rings:

I ate all of the meals that Pippin mentioned.  I also took two hour naps often those two weeks.    I'm pretty sure baby Pippa was having a growth spurt :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A pregnancy update

I'm 34 weeks and 4 days which means only 5 weeks to go!  This photo, however is from 32 weeks 4 days.  It's a pretty far cry from 19 weeks

Things are going well with baby Pippa.  (No, we are not actually going to name the baby Pippa, but we're not going to use her real name anywhere on the internet and would appreciate it if you didn't either.  We chose Pippa for baby's blog name as a salute to our UK babymoon.)  I had to get two steroid shots to develop her lungs a bit faster in case she decides to come early but I am determined to carry her to term (and it looks like I will).

My body is totally rocking this baby growing business.  I feel pretty fantastic.  I'm not waddling yet, I'm still sleeping well and I haven't had swollen ankles, a return of morning sickness, sciatica, loss of balance, a single Braxton Hicks contraction, crazy mood swings, or heartburn (I've never had heartburn; I think if I actually had it I might think I was dying!).  Go body!

I have had some emotional days.  Not like crying all day, but just days when I tear up frequently.  I am getting sort of uncomfortable, but most of the time it is still okay.  For example, I can still tie my shoes, but it's getting awkward.  Baby is definitely up higher than she's ever been - just below my ribs.  It's not hurting yet or affecting my breathing (well, it did for two days), but it is definitely more comfortable if I sit up very straight.  Turning over in bed at night takes some work and some time.  So does getting up from bed or from lounging on the couch.  I feel hotter than usual and I am actually pretty pale for summertime because I spend all my time inside with the AC.  Some days my fingers are too swollen to wear my real ring so I wear a larger cocktail ring instead.  But let's be honest, these are pretty small complaints.

We finished our Lamaze class and both feel a lot better about how this is all going to go down. 

And that's where we are. 

The post beneath this one is pretty new, too.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Memorial Weekend

On the Saturday before Memorial Day we visited T's aunt who lives a few hours south of us.  T's grandparents from Utah were also visiting T's aunt, so it was pretty much a party.

We spent most of the time in T's aunt's awesome pool.  T was a tad bit pink but I totally got burned.  The doctor had told me that since I was pregnant I might be more prone to sunburns and I pretty much ignored her.  I did my regular sunscreen routine of face, shoulders, chest, and back several times throughout the day but didn't sunscreen anything else because I've never burned anywhere else.  It was a BIG mistake.  I burned on my upper arms, thighs, ankles, and tops of my feet (but, oddly enough, not on my shins) because I spent a lot of time on the pool tubes and floaties.   Apparently, sometimes doctors DO know what they are talking about.  This was the worst / most painful / longest lasting sunburn I've ever had.  That said, I didn't blister or anything even close to that so I've been pretty lucky.

This is a photo we took with T's grandpa a bit before we left that night.  I'm still in my swimsuit because I was feeling the burn at that point and had just aloe vera'd up and putting on my regular clothes would have been quite sticky.  (You can see the red burn line at the top my arm.)

T with his awesome aunt and grandpa.

On Memorial Day T and I decided to go to Arlington Cemetery, because that is a very Memorial Day thing to do and since we live in DC we should do it at least once.  We knew Arlington Cemetery would be busy so first we attempted to take the shuttle to the Cemetery from the Air Force Memorial.  But the shuttle wasn't there and the people at the Memorial didn't seem to know anything about it.  So we braved driving to the cemetery and parking and it actually was pretty clear traffic-wise and we had our choice of shady parking spots.  Like the internet suggested, we arrived about two hours before the program was scheduled to start.

We could see there was a HUGE line so we got in it then asked what it was for.  It was the line for the tram up to the amphitheater at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where the program was to take place. Well, we are able bodied people so we asked if we could just walk up there, but the answer was NO.  They had to count the number of people who got in, thus everyone had to go up on the tram.  While we waited in line adorable Cub Scouts passed out two roses to every person - one to put on a headstone and one to keep to remember the day.

We finally got on a tram to the amphitheater then had to go through security and a metal detector.  Which seemed like a bit of overkill considering Arlington normally doesn't have any kind of formal security scan.  But it made sense on the short walk to the amphitheater as we received a program and noticed that, hey, the President is speaking!  (Okay, so this photo is actually when we were leaving the amphitheater.)

At the amphitheater, the "floor seats" were taken so we stood around the edge, which was actually preferable because then we got to be in the shade.  While waiting for the program to start the Marine Corps Band played patriotic songs.  I don't know how they played so well in their hot uniforms in the hot sun.  But then again, they are Marines, so can handle a lot worse.

Our view toward the stage:

Our view across the way:

We didn't get to see the President lay the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - that required a special ticket, as did the "box seats" directly in front of us at the amphitheater.  The program was pretty good.   I was worried it would be a bit political but really, the majority of the speakers spoke just about how great soldiers and their families are and how grateful we are for them (SO TRUE).  President Obama's speech was interrupted a few times by what I thought was unnecessary and unmerited applause, but that was probably to be expected.  Still it was pretty cool to see a President in person.

See, here's the President:

It was pretty amazing that we got to see the President without planning it at all!

Arlington is so lovely no matter the season.  Side question:  How long does it take to put an American flag in front of every headstone?  I just wonder.

On our way out we put our roses on this headstone.

It was a pretty wonderful day.  It was so cool to be surrounded by so many obviously patriotic people.  If you are ever in DC on Memorial Day I would suggest you do this once.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This baby goat is adorable!  Watch the whole thing and you can't help but giggle.  (For a bit more info see the yahoo! article.)