Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 2: Grandma's visit

Mom and baby.
The best sleeping faces.

Adoring time.

Sleeping time.

Awake time.

More sleeping time.

Play time!

Posing time.

Happy after eating time.

Tummy time! Look at that strong neck!
More sleeping time.
Laughing time.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baby Pippa's first two weeks

Baby Pippa has been alive for over two weeks now.  It is the most surreal thing ever.  Ever.  She is such a calm, sweet baby and rarely cries (true story - ask my mom).  Though I know that all of that could just be newborn sleepiness and such, we are still convinced that she is the sweetest, most adorable baby in the history of the universe.  We're a bit obsessed over here.

The short-ish version of Pippa's entrance into the world:

The evening before she was born I mentioned to T that my lower back was kind of sore and that the baby felt really heavy and really low.  I hoped that these feelings were a one day thing and wouldn't continue for the next three weeks until her due date.

At 12:30 a.m. as I was literally climbing into bed, my water broke.  I wasn't sure that that was what it was until around 1:15 a.m.  We called my parents to tell them we were going to have a baby today.  I wasn't having any contractions and our original plan was to labor at home as long as possible.  But when we called the doctor on call he said we had to come in within two hours because I didn't know my group B strep status.  (I had been tested that week, but the results weren't back yet.)  Since I wasn't due for almost three weeks we didn't have a hospital bag packed yet so we tossed a few things together and then decided to try to sleep for two hours before we went to the hospital.  T fell asleep; I did not.

Around 2:00 a.m. I started having contractions.  By 2:45 they were so painful that I woke T up to tell him we needed to go to the hospital now.  We finished getting our stuff together then headed down to the car.  My contractions were about three minutes apart and pretty intense.

When we got to the hospital I didn't want T to drop me off at Labor and Delivery because I didn't want to be alone at all.  We parked and started walking.  The close entrance was locked though, because it was after hours so we had to walk the LONG way around.  I had two contractions on the walk, one at the elevator, and then several as I was getting checked in (about 3:30 a.m.).  The doctor checked me once I got to my room, and I was already at 4 cm.

At this point I had decided I wanted the epidural.  I was planning on trying to go natural, but the pain was so intense and my back was killing me, even between contractions.  I wanted to try some of the  positions we practiced in Lamaze class, but the nurse couldn't find the baby's heartbeat when I was in those positions.  I got the IV and they started me on the fluids so I could get the epidural.  The contractions were still very close together and becoming more painful.  We had been doing different breathing techniques, but I started to freak out because the contractions were so painful.  T and the nurse managed to reign me in, but I did freak out a few more times.  Then I threw up.  A lot.  Twice.  Looking back, it is pretty obvious that I was in transition.  I started feeling like I wanted to push and the nurse kept telling me don't push.

The anesthesiologist finally came in and gave me the epidural.  It was so hard to be still thorough my back pain, crazy intense contractions, and wanting to push.  I wanted to push so bad and the nurse said as soon as the epidural was in she would check me to see if I could push.  I'm pretty sure she just thought I was a first time mom and was hours away from the pushing stage.  The epidural was in and the nurse checked me.  She immediately called the doctor and told him that I was at a +3 station and that I was about to have a baby.  The nurse told me that as soon as the doctor arrived I could start to push.  I told her to tell the doctor to run.

Waiting for the doctor to arrive I had two contractions and they seemed a little less intense (from the epidural).  The doctor arrived and I started pushing.  After two pushes T started feeling light headed so he sat down.  A few sets of pushes later, Pippa was here!  She was very alert and didn't cry at all.  They put her on my chest and T and I had a teary eyed moment.  I had gone from no contractions to a baby in six hours.  4 cm to a baby in three hours.  An epidural to a baby in under 15 minutes.  It was all just so fast and so intense.  I'm not sure the epidural did anything except for those two contractions while we were waiting for the doctor.  My legs never felt anything resembling numb and I'm pretty sure I felt everything.  (Though it is hard to say because I've only ever done this once!)

Our nurse in Labor and Delivery was awesome.  And the nurses we had in Recovery were also awesome.  But most awesome of all was our baby!

Some of the highlights of Pippa's first week:
  • First bath - pretty indifferent to it, except when she got cold when we took her out to dry her.
  • First walk in the stroller - pretty indifferent to it.
  • First photo shoot - slept and let herself be posed like a champ.
  • Eating, sleeping, and cuddling like a champion.

Baby Pippa is a very calm baby to begin with, but T and I are very glad we watched "The Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD.  It's wonderful for learning how to calm your baby.  Seriously, if you have a newborn, you should watch this DVD.

A barrage of photos:

The People's Elbow!

Faces while asleep.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.