Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tonight - Christmas lights at the Oakland Temple

Not the best photos, but whatevs.

After church before naps (for all three of us, yay!).

View from the parking lot at the Visitor's Center.

The spires on the Oakland Temple remind me of the bark of a palm tree.  It's interesting to me that there are three women in this relief and two of them are holding babies.

On the temple terrace.

Self photos don't work so well when Pippa is in the carrier because we can't get her up high enough so that our heads are all on the same level.

I love the lights on the palm trees.

Saw this truck in the parking lot as we were leaving.  I'm sure the Oakland Temple has more need for security than other temples...

Then we ate some chocolate chip cookies and shook the cinnamon.

Pippa CAN walk, she just chooses not to.  This is T trying to get her to walk and her refusing to let go of his legs so they were walking together like this.

And that was today.  Very thrilling, as you can see.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear Bloggy,

We have the internet again!  We also have a place to live!  Two very important things!  Christmas is going to be intentionally ridiculously low key this year so hopefully I can get out a few blog posts (as usual I'm incredibly behind in blogging our adventures).  I promise I will write again - soon!