Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NIT - Cal vs UVU

My cousin plays basketball for UVU.  They made it to the NIT and their game was against Cal.  Which is practically next door to us!  My cousin and his family were so nice and got us excellent tickets - two rows behind the team!

The game was on a Wednesday night and we weren't sure if our regular babysitter (who is just a sophomore in high school) could watch Pippa.  Plus it would be the first time someone not me, T, my mom, or my dad had gotten her to sleep.  But the babysitter was free so off we went to the game.  (She got Pippa down for bed just fine.)

I know we're old because we felt so wild going out on a weeknight.  We took an Uber down but the driver dropped us off at the football stadium instead of the basketball arena.  So we had to walk across campus and we missed the tip off (but not much else).  Everyone on campus and at the game looked so young.  I asked T if he thought we could pass as grad students.  He said that me being pregnant probably gave it away that we weren't students.

UVU played Cal very close through the first half, but Cal pulled away in the second half.  It was still really fun to watch my cousin play and to get out (on a weeknight!) without baby.

I took a few photos during the game and totally forgot to take any of me, T, or our relatives.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pippa Says

We thought it would be a while before Pippa started saying adorable quotable things.  We were wrong.  Here's her first:

Pippa has been picking up new signs so quickly.  A new sign that I thought she had picked up from us and "Signing Time" was "thirsty."  She would point to her throat and say "nak" which didn't really make sense, but whatever.  When she did this sign I would offer her a drink and she would always (always) say "no."  This had been going on for a little over a week when I figured out that she was signing "neck" and saying "nak" and that to her neck and snack were the same word.  She wants a snack when she signs that! (To her credit, neck and snack do sound pretty similar.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This and That

  • Still having a hard time adjusting to daylight saving time.  Baby goes to bed and wakes up like daylight saving time never happened.  Which means T and I do, too.  Bleh.  Can't we all just be like Arizona and get rid of daylight saving?
  • Our things from Germany arrived last Thursday!  It's been 114 days since our things left our Munich apartment.  Unpacking has been... different.  The movers pulled most things out of boxes and took the boxes away but there are still a few boxes.  Unpacking with a toddler trying to "help" definitely takes longer.  Plus we have to wash all our clothes / clothes Pippa out grew / blankets / sheets / towels / dishes / kitchen accessories before using or storing them.  No joke we've already done at least 15 loads of laundry (our washer is so small, but at least it's in our unit).
  • Pippa has started singing of sorts.  It's just babbling but definitely more lyrical - going up and down and holding some of the sounds.  Pretty cute.  
  • Pippa loves to shout in the parking garage.  I think it is because her voice echoes.  
  • Morning sickness is officially on the downhill.  I've thrown up 6 times this pregnancy (5 more than with Pippa) and the last one was last week.  I rarely feel queasy during the day and I'm not so bone tired (still tired, just not bone tired).  
  • T and Pippa have missed the last two weeks of church with coughs, runny noses, fevers and sinus headaches (T only).  And the week before that was Stake Conference which means Pippa still hasn't gone to her first week of nursery.  It's so sad when babies are sick.

  • On Sunday we finally took a video of Pippa dancing.  Most babies bounce up and down to dance.  Pippa never has.  She's always done this side to side shimmy with optional arm movements.  And it's adorable.  (You know my stance on naked babies.  But this is an exception because Pippa had had a fever all day.)  You probably can't hear it but there is music playing in the background - she won't just dance on command.

  • All by herself, Pippa tried on her first pair of high heels.  She might have done it earlier (she does love all things shoes), but all my high heels were being shipped from Germany...  Here's an adorable photo of her and a video of her walking in them.  And ok, they are wedges, not heels. I'd like to think she's easing her way up to the stilettos.  


And that's us lately.  What's you lately?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lammily aka Average Barbie

Perhaps you have heard about "Average Barbie."  It was kind of big in the news a few months ago.  Basically Nick Lamm created a Barbie with the real proportions of an American woman.  Here's the comparison to real Barbie.

I hadn't heard of "Average Barbie" until today when one of my cousins shared this article on Facebook. (Really, read the article, it's pretty great.)

So many people were asking where they could buy an "Average Barbie" that Nick Lamm decided to make the doll a reality and called her "Lammily."

This is Lammily (it's two photos put together by me so if one doll looks slightly larger it's just my mediocre cropping skills)

She is made according to typical body proportions of an average 19 year old American woman.  She also has articulated wrists, knees, elbows and feet. This is pretty awesome because Lammily will be able to "play" sports and other activities.  She also has visibly less make up than Barbie and (especially) the Bratz line.

The tag line of the doll is "Average is Beautiful."  When asked about why "Average is Beautiful" Nick (the creator) responded, "Has there ever been a non-beautiful average sunset? Who you are, that is beautiful."  That is such a beautiful way to put it and it hit me hard.

Basically, this is the type of doll I want Pippa playing with.  So I bought one.

You can buy one and learn more about Lammily on the Lammily website.  The project is fully funded and the first production will roll out in fall 2014.  They are $25 but I think that is a small price to pay to help Pippa learn that average is beautiful.