Sunday, July 13, 2014


At the park Pippa was looking so big / old!

T was rubbing Pippa's back and she was really enjoying it.  (She's not fussy or sad or tired here, just really enjoying her back rub.)

Super laid back 4th of July.  We went to IKEA and bought a twin mattress for Pippa, then went to a patriotic band concert in the park.  Topped it off with rootbeer floats.  No fireworks for us this year.  (We missed fireworks last year too, but don't feel too bad for us - we were on a beach in Greece!)

She spent half of the time at the concert playing on the playground and the other half marching around in circles with her arms in the air.

Pippa looks so tiny on her twin bed.  It's just a mattress on the floor.  We were going to just buy a new crib for Baby Roxy but Pippa was climbing out of the crib so it was time to move her out of the crib.  (Yes, baby #2's blog name will be Roxy - after the female surfing company.  It's a nod to Santa Cruz (famous for surfing) where we went for this babymoon, just like Pippa's name is a nod to our London babymoon.)

Pippa was having a rough Sunday.  We caved and gave her the binky (usually only for sleeping) and T sang to her and rocked her and she finally calmed down.  It was so sweet.

Pippa still thinks she is one of the big girls at the park and was following these older girls around.  They didn't mind (which makes me so happy) and were tickling her, which of course, she loved.

Pippa loves to draw on the patio doors with our dry erase markers.  She's really good about only drawing on the windows.  She can draw circles (intentionally) and sometimes I think her stuff looks like modern art I've seen in museums (like the side by side circles on the left).

My sister M's family was in the area (sort of) for her husband's family reunion.  They drove a couple extra hours to meet up with us at a park.

This is all five of her boys and Pippa.

Pippa pointed out by name who they were to me several times and has asked for them by name several times since we saw them.  Here they are burying their feet in the sand.  One of Pippa's favorite sand activities.

So hard to get a good photo of all the kids.

This one is almost pretty good, but it's blurry!

And more of the same here.  We took more photos with M's camera so hopefully she puts those up somewhere soon.

We hit up 7-11 on 7/11 for free slurpee day.  Pippa heartily approves.  So much so that she wouldn't give it back to me.  I only intended for her to have one sip!  She ended up eating about half of it.  (We're in the lab here waiting to get my blood drawn for my platelet count.)
After her first sip she said "Coooold!... Good!"  That perfectly sums up a slurpee.

Reading to herself in this funny position at the foot of her bed.  She knows some of the words to some specific pages in her favorite books and will recite them on the correct page.  It's adorable.

Reading and walking.

Yesterday we thought it would be fun to take Pippa bowling.  She's young, but I know a girl whose 18 month old and 3 year old LOVED pushing the ball down the ramp and seeing / hearing the crash of pins.

Pippa was not so excited about it.  She pushed the ball down maybe four times then refused to touch the ball at all.
I bowled three times before I decided it was not a good activity for me (because my abs are non-existent right now and it kinda hurt).  So T ended up bowling for two people for almost all of the frames.    Pippa and I had fun clapping and messing around on the spinny / pushy chairs.

Reading "The Monster at the end of this Book."  They are so cute!

That's what we've been up to.  Nothing too exciting, just regular life.  And it's a really, really good life.