Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pippa Says

Upon meeting Baby Roxy for the first time Pippa grabbed Roxy's hand, waved it and said, "Hi Pippa!"  (Pippa still does this)

After hearing Roxy make some baby grunty sounds: "Roxy pig!"

I've been teaching Pippa to say her whole name "Pippa Catherine Anderson" (obviously, none of these names are her real name - it's her whole internet name).

S: Who are you?
Pippa: Pippa Catherine Anderson
S: Who am I?
Pippa: Mommy Catherine Anderson

Two years and Two weeks

It's not easy to prop up a two week old in a chair!  Baby Roxy is so tiny!(Don't worry, my mom's hand is just out of view. She just moved it for the split second for the photo.   It's not the best photo, but we didn't want to try again because Roxy's little head was so floppy.)

Pippa at 2 years and Roxy at 2 weeks with their bears.

And then those three seconds were over.  I feel like the photo below accurately represents how they interact right now.

Pippa at 2

(Mad props to me - this photo was taken on her actual second birthday.  Ta-da!)

 2  (Here she is saying it.  I love her little voice!)


Height: 35.75 inches (almost 3 feet!)

Weight: 27 lbs


foods - mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, raspberry lemonade (way watered down), applesauce

toys - alphabet blocks, little people, kitchen and food set

activities - swimming, climbing anything, coloring (on the windows and aquadoodle), people watching (she loves watching older kids), rough housing with T

friends - Sophie, Aubrey, Elias, Zoey

phrases - "Pippa do it!" (or "Mommy / Daddy do it!"), "Pippa fast!" "Biska!" (we have no idea what this one means)

books - "The Monster at the End of the Book,"  any "I Spy," family photo books

songs - "Happy Birthday," "Old MacDonald," "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," "Twinkle, Twinkle"


Actual Birthday Stuff:

She still doesn't get what birthdays are about so we really could have done nothing (especially since Baby Roxy was just born two weeks ago) but we thought we should still do something special.  Even though we've decided to do a birthday tradition of birthday flowers we didn't do it this year because we already had flowers from Baby Roxy's photo shoot and the flowers that T bought me after Baby Roxy was born.

Pippa got a few presents in the morning - an awesome firetruck (she loves firetrucks!), a necklace and bracelet from grandma, and a tutu from grandma.  And of course the best part was opening the presents! (She is her mother's daughter.)

In the afternoon we went to a splash pad that Pippa loves.  Except when we got there the water was turned off.  Outing fail.  So we came back home, got grandma swimsuit'd up and sunscreen'd up and went to the pool.  Like I mentioned, Pippa loves swimming.

The view I had.

Pippa loves hanging out on the steps and dunking herself under water.  She also says, "Concrete HOT" and splashes water out onto the concrete to cool it. (I think she picked this up because I would splash water on the concrete before I would put her on it to jump in.)

If anything is in the water Pippa takes it out and puts it on the edge.  Cool when it's leaves, not cool when it's a still alive bee.

Even though Pippa had some Grandma aversions while Grandma was visiting, Pippa giggled almost the entire hour she was in the pool with Grandma.  :)


Then she helped make her own birthday cake.

Of course there was singing and blowing out of candles.  Multiple times.


We love this girl SO much!