Thursday, October 30, 2014

Roxy at One Month

  • Loves bouncing on the exercise ball
  • Loves being in the Baby K'tan
  • Sounds like a baby bird (or perhaps baby raptor) screeching.  It's a different sound than her cry.
  • Still alive after all the smothering from Pippa
  • Has beautiful blue eyes
  • Nicknames of Blue eyes, little girl, little one, little love, lil Roxy (it rolls off the tongue better with her real name)
  • Gave me cracked nipples (sorry, TMI) and now uses the nipple shield 
  • Started on acid reflux meds (just a few days before she turned one month)
  • Pushes her head back out of the K'tan (like she's trying to lean away from me)
  • Still has all her newborn hair

Monday, October 27, 2014

Baby Roxy Newborn Photos

I knew from the very start of Baby #2 that we wanted professional newborn photos.  T had to go to work after his and the family photos were finished.  My mom was in town and she entertained Pippa when Pippa's photos were finished.

These were taken when Roxy was 7 days old.  Here are a few of the photos that we love.

The series of Pippa and Roxy together just about make my heart burst.

This one is Pippa's model face, haha.

We're going to order a giant canvas (like 20x30) of this one.

We did this one specifically for Roxy's birth announcement.

Roxy still looks like this now, just with bigger cheeks. :)