Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pippa Says

While eating cheese and crackers: "I NEEEEEED cheese!" (a girl after her mom's heart)

On the drive to Aunt B's for Thanksgiving we passed some power line towers.  Pippa said, "TWO Eiffel Towers!"

Pippa knows certain letters are for certain things.  G for Grandma and Grandpa and so on.  I made a blanket fort for Pippa.
Pippa: "Come in the fork!"
Me: "Fort t t t t with a t."
Pippa: "T for fork!"

We were teaching her to say "Merry Christmas"  instead she says "Merry Christmas tree!"

Roxy made a loud high pitched happy chirp
Pippa: "No screaming, Roxy."

We're a laugh a minute

It's not just Pippa that says fun things - I think T and I are pretty quotable, too!  Here are some of the gems I found saved on my phone.

Me, my mom, and T talking about high school hair styles. T had bleached hair in high school and so did brother W.
Mom: "You guys are same-ies!"
Me: " Not really.  W does things like runs Ragnar and we do things like visit Europe."

From the start of August 2014 when I was pregnant with Roxy:
S: "I can't believe I have group b strep!"
T: "Ain't no thing. A little pokey, pokey; drippy, drippy." (in reference to the IV antibiotics I would have to get when I went into labor)

While watching the Italian ice dancing team do a lift thing in the team competition of the Sochi Olympics:
S: "She looks like a boat lady."
T: "Yeah, she does.  I think they are called hookers."
(for the record it was similar to this move and on a boat the carved lady at the front of a boat is called a figurehead and that is what I meant! photo source here)

T telling me about some article he read: "Back in the early 1900's there was a meat shortage."
S: "What - did we just run out of things to kill?  I don't understand."

When we were in Germany on our way back to Munich from visiting Zugspitze we passed a sign that read "U.S. facilities to the left"
S: "What - like drinking fountains?"
T: "It's probably the base."
(Public drinking fountains in Europe are not a thing. We saw ONE in Vienna the whole time we were in Europe. So it's not completely crazy to think a U.S. facility would be a drinking fountain... right?...)

From May 2013 talking about all those cruise disasters in the Caribbean.
S: Yeah, but those were just major inconveniences. The one in the Mediterranean that's the one people died on. And death is the most major inconvenience. "

T: "Hank Marvin is British slang for hungry."
S: "Hank Marvin? Who's he? A famous guy who starved to death?"

T: "I was just thinking of "The Man in the Iron Mask"."
S: "Oh, is that the one with Leo Dinardo Dicaprio?"

On why I often get asked for directions.
S: "I'm a non-threatening semi decent looking woman of a certain age."
T: "That would be a good biography title."

Fun Mom

I feel like I don't really have this mom thing down. But sometimes I know I do stuff with Pippa that makes me a fun mom.  Like:
  • I let her play in the rain. Who cares if we get wet? We'll just come inside and get dry. I think this is a good mindset to have - especially since it rained for almost three weeks straight after Thanksgiving. These photos were all taken after Roxy was born. I just put Roxy in the carrier and hold an umbrella over us - though I do have to put the umbrella down sometimes to help Pippa (like in and out of the swing or a boot coming off). But a little rain isn't going to hurt a baby.  

    Shortly after the following photo I caught Pippa taking a drink of water out of the gutter... C'est la vie - or at least c'est la vie d'un enfant en bas âge (that's life - or at least that's life with a toddler).

  • I let Pippa cut with real scissors. It's not a one time thing.  I've been letting her do it (well, I hold the paper for her while she cuts using both hands) about once a week since Roxy was born. 

  • We have stroller races.

I love when she falls she says, "You ok?  I'm ok!"  
  • I let Pippa blow dry her hair and my hair.

Roxy at Four Months

Roxy on her four month birthday

Here's what our sweet Roxy was up to between three and four months:
  • Started scheming hands
  • Had an ingrown toenail on her right big toe
  • Rolls onto her side
  • Grabs at toys
  • Wears size 3 diapers
  • Weighs 18 pounds 4 ounces and is 26.25 inches tall
  • Survived another month of Pippa
  • Most common nicknames: Little One, Sweetheart, Blue Eyes, Squishy, Big Squish (I know we need to stop calling her these last two before they stick - no one over the age of 2 would want to be called squishy or big squish, but she's just so squishy and I love squishing her and I can't help it! I LOVE squishing her bottom when she's facing in on the k'tan!)
  • Loves diaper changes and baths - has from the get go
  • Switched from an infant bucket car seat (that clicks in and out of the car) to a convertible car seat so she could be more up right to help with her acid reflux and hopefully make car rides less scream-y.
  • Thanksgiving at Aunt B's house two hours away.  Screamed most of the way there and back.  The more upright convertible car seat didn't seem to make a difference...
  • Still not a great nurser.  Sometimes Roxy will just scream and scream instead of latching even when I know she's hungry, even if I try to feed her before she's super hungry.  She's so impatient for the let down.  She'll suck three times then cry because the milk's not flowing. Rinse and repeat four more times.  She still only eats on one side but is super efficient once she gets going - like under seven minutes to eat.  
  • Caught her second cold
  • Better at tummy time but still not a fan
  • Acid reflux is getting better.  She still spits a lot (often and amount wise) but it doesn't bother her.
  • First haircut - her hair at the front was getting long and looking like a comb-over baby toupee combo so we snipped the ends of a few sections. Here's what it looked like before the haircut. 
  • Blows raspberries
  • Drools enough to need a bib
  • Has smooth hands and palms (basically we love holding her hands)
  • HUGE array of vocal sounds
  • First time riding in the bottom seat of the double stroller (Before she would lie flat in the cocoon area of the double stroller while Pippa rode on top. That probably doesn't make sense unless you've seen it. Sorry.)