Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pippa Says

S to Pippa: "You're almost a lady.  You're a young lady."
Pippa: "And Mom's an old lady!"

After pulling a toy out of Roxy's hands: "Good sharing, Roxy!"

Outside at night (well, just 6:00 - it was dark early a few months back!)
S: "Look at the stars."
Pippa: "Sparkly.  Like shoes."  (Her Sunday shoes are sparkly.)

Doing potty training and listing people we know who wear "big girl underwear"
S: girl cousin's name, girl cousin's name, girl cousin's name
Pippa: and girl cousin's name... And Grandpa!

We're a laugh a minute

S: "Gravity is the original man keeping you down."

Not a quote from us, just a very confusing sign.
"State bank of India (California) Washington DC branch"

When I was working at Target I had to be at work crazy early in the morning and would leave while T was sleeping.  I still wanted to tell him my dreams, though (it's our morning thing), so I would make notes on my phone about them in the night.  I would always think I would be able to decipher the notes but I rarely could.  Here's one note...
"First dat I'd school oink digs dint j iw my classes. alycklpzd"

Another random note in my phone.  Pretty sure this one wasn't about dreams.
"Hawaii and Indians
Hospital cancer scary guy"
What on earth could that have been about?!

Telling T my concerns about learning to do CPR to the beat of the song "Stayin' Alive" (it really is recommended to do it to that fast beat!)
S: "I just don't have rhythm.  I hope it doesn't end up killing anyone."

S: "Itching.  It's a disease like yawning for your body."

S while rubbing T's neck: "Your neck feels different at this angle. Wait, where's your head?"

T: "Polyester - it's more places than you think."

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Roxy at Seven Months

Roxy on her 7 month birthday. This outfit is size 12 months and fits perfectly.
I usually take her birthday photo in the afternoon but I took this one in the morning (because T took Pippa to the doctor and it's so much easier to take a photo of Roxy when I'm not also trying to keep Pippa out of the shot) and the lighting is different.  The lighting makes this outfit look blue and it is very much purple.  

Here's what Roxy was up to between her 6 and 7 month birthdays.

  • Got her first two teeth (one day apart)
  • Definitely knows what the milk sign is about and gets excited when she sees it
  • Pats me on the back of my shoulder when I'm holding her over my shoulder - I love it so much!
  • Nurses from both sides more often
  • LOVES dancing in the baby carrier
  • Likes to scratch the couch
  • Started sleep training (gently, of course - we are so not cry-it-out parents)
  • Still isn't a fan of tummy time
  • We call her all the usual names and added LL Cool Squish, Pippa calls her "Little One" often and it is adorable
  • Had a really terrible cold with a phlegm-y cough that often woke her from sleep  - this cold seemed to last forever
  • Has wavy hair on the top of her head and little curls on the side and back
  • Likes to suck on my chin (it feels so funny!)
  • Is so ticklish under her chin
  • Started wearing 12 month clothes
  • Slaps her tray while eating
  • Sometimes rests her head on my shoulder when I'm holding her - I love this so much!
  • Sits like a pro
  • Crosses her legs at the ankle like a lady all the time - she's been doing this for a while now

And an outtake.  This was actually the very first photo.  We had to shut it down and try again later.