Sunday, May 17, 2015

Roxy at Eight Months

Our sweet Roxy on her eight month birthday.

Here's what Roxy was up to between her seven and eight month birthdays:
  • Sleeping unswaddled
  • First plane ride (a short one - only Oakland to SLC)
  • Legit sleep training (though still gently)
  • Lots of angry "mmmm"s when she wants food and she's not getting it
  • Bangs toys together
  • Had Roseola (she had a fever for 3 days then the rash, but overall it was a mild case)
  • So acrobatic reaching to get things she wants (especially when you are holding her), she grabs everything
  • Wearing 12 month clothes (and 2T leggings - this is the best because they actually are long enough that they don't hike up and expose her calf when she's being held)
  • Eating real amounts of real food as evidenced by her diapers
  • Pippa is her favorite person! And Pippa definitely loves her back!
  • Likes to sleep on left side
  • Likes to hold our fingers as she falls asleep
  • Likes to be tickled under her chin - love her baby laugh!
  • Waves hands with arms extended to sides when she is excited or happy or about to eat
  • Nickname of LL Cool K, but still mostly LaLa, Little One, or Squish / Big Squish / Squishy
  • The last week of the month I finally felt like I'm swimming more days than I'm drowning with two kids.
  • Loves real food and almost always eats with right hand
The outtakes:

A video:

The very last photo. She was done.