Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Roxy at Nine Months

Here's our sweet Roxy on her nine month birthday.

Here's what Roxy was up to between 8 and 9 months:

  • Started scootching backwards on her tummy
  • Slept through the night for the first time April 21-22 (dreamfeed at 10 but otherwise slept from 6:30 p.m. to 6:05 a.m. 
  • Cut 3rd and 4th tooth (both of her lateral incisors)
  • Likes "upside down Roxy"
  • Generally happier (I'm glad the trend is continuing)
  • More tolerant of tummy time 
  • Has a machine gun laugh and cry (like ha-ha-ha-ha-ha in short staccato bursts)
  • Mostly right handed when eating and grabbing but the last few days of the month she started using only her left hand to eat, so who knows.
  • LOVES eating, especially blueberries and grapes
  • Down to two naps (around 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.) but still occasionally takes three naps
  • Makes a new sound - gagaga
  • LOVES to lie down in the tub and splash with her legs.  When you try to sit her up she back arches like crazy and will not let you sit her up.  She just squeaks with delight when she is lying down and splashing. 
  • The last day of the month she pushed back onto hands and knees from her tummy for the first time.
  • Dropped the dream feed halfway through the month

Adore her long lashes in the last photo.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Earlier today...

This morning Pippa pulled the doorway jumper out of the closet. We haven't used it in about two months, or much at all - both girls never really liked it. But Pippa wanted to put her dolls in it so I set it up for her.

Then we put Roxy in the jumper.  She actually seemed to like it and jumped and spun around. Surprising because Roxy usually just sits there then after about two minutes starts whining to get out.


After snack I took Roxy upstairs to nurse her.  While I'm nursing Roxy I hear Pippa downstairs start crying and screaming "I'm stuck! I'm stuck!" and getting hysterical.  I didn't think much of it - she's two, she gets hysterical often.  After a second I realized she's screaming "I'm stuck!" instead of her usual "Help me!" when she's frustrated with something.  So I pull Roxy off and go downstairs to discover this:

Pippa had climbed into the doorway jumper and couldn't get out.  Hilarious! I just wish I could have seen her getting in!

(A side note: Yesterday (twice) and today when Pippa has been sent to her room for a break (time-out) she comes out wearing a new outfit.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

T's family in Utah

We saw T's parents a few times during the week, and his sister M on Friday (we hung out then she watched our girls while we had the adults only dinner with my family). We finally saw everyone all together on Sunday. The Logan kids brought some bunnies down. I'm not an animal person. At all. But the kids seemed to enjoy the bunnies.  

Grandpa Stig meeting Roxy

Pippa LOVES sister M's kids. They just laugh and run and laugh.  Pretty adorable.

T's parents had this wagon and the kids all took turns riding and pushing each other.  Also, pretty cute photo bomb by H and her boyfriend in the background.


Grandma snuggles

Three people doing baby coos. Only one is actually a baby.  :)

We switched to some nicer clothes for family photos (just our little family family photos).

T's family set up an Easter egg hunt for the grandkids.  Pippa didn't have an Easter basket so she got an Easter grocery sack.

A small idea of what Roxy's machine gun laugh sounds like.

At the start of the Egg hunt Pippa didn't really get why she should run...

She figured it out.

Logan kids

Golden hour doing it's thing.

Cousin C even came! Love her!

 One of her favorite things to do - Upside Down Pippa!

The flight home

On the ride home from the airport Roxy was so tired...

Monday, June 8, 2015

40th Anniversary Photos

The reason for everything.  I won't say "All because two people fell in love" because I really hate that phrase.  Instead let's say these two wonderful people started all this awesomeness.

These are the formal photos we took on my parent's actual 40th wedding anniversary.  We're a good looking bunch of people.

Well, I guess it really all started when Grandma and Grandpa P (seated in the exact center) started the awesomeness. We were all ridiculously excited when they (Grandma and Grandpa P) told us they were coming for the festivities!

This is the last photo taken with all the kids.  You can tell the younger ones were over it.

I wasn't originally too excited about taking all these photos (I wanted to do one big group photo and one photo of just grandkids and that's it) but after seeing all of these I'm glad we did all the variations. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

40th Anniversary Visit

We went to Utah for my parent's 40th anniversary party. Tons of fun and even more nonstop busy than our usual Utah trips.  

This was Roxy's first plane ride (and Pippa's like 500th plane ride) and she handled it pretty ok.  T finally got her to sleep on the plane.

We flew into P-land so we stopped in Utah County to see our friend Mrs. J from the original USC freshman family.  The kids ran around outside while we visited.  Pippa enjoyed riding the push car (how many push cars do you know of that have a hemi?!)

Babies! Mrs. J's twins are about two months younger than Roxy.

Then a bunch of stuff happened.  Not in a bad way, just in a crazy busy way and now I can't remember what happened when.  I actually brought a book to read during the down time.  Except there was literally no down time.  The longest I did nothing this whole trip was one night for about 20 minutes on my parent's couch.

We made Roxy this little nest on the guest bed for napping.

One of the best parts about staying at my parent's house is that when the babies wake up in the morning we just take them out to my parents to play and T and I go back to sleep. Here Pippa is babysitting Grandpa.

Roxy fresh from the bath.

I met bestie J-Ho for lunch and T took the girls to play at his parent's house.  Pippa and Roxy napped at the same time while they were there.  Love when that happens.

Part of the anniversary festivities was coloring and hunting for Easter eggs.  Here's Pippa with the first egg she found.

The older cousins were so helpful in helping Pippa find eggs.

Little R kept carrying around the full egg cartons and wouldn't give them back so we could re-hide them.


After the egg hunting in the basement.

Playing dead horses!

I met besties H and M that night and of course forgot to take a photo!

Getting Roxy to sleep.  Love Roxy's arm rolls here!

M making brownies while his parental units went to the temple.

Awww.  Cousin hugs!

One of the projects that kept us busy - making the 40th banner.  Each pennant had a bit of trivia about my parents.

At the park so the kids could burn some energy.

M has some great facial expressions.

Upside down Dad! (One of Pippa's favorite things to do is "upside down Pippa")


Grandma is so nice to let the kids play on her piano.

LOVE this one of my dad and Roxy.

Friday some of the cousins went to the Children's Museum together.

This isn't a slide.  It's an accessibility ramp, but Pippa treated it like a slide!

While T took Pippa to the Museum I stayed home to work on some of the anniversary party things.  Grandma and Grandpa P (my mom's parents) made the trip to UT from WY for the party and they stopped by.

Grandpa P meeting Roxy.

Grandma P meeting Roxy.  Roxy is named for this wonderful woman.  Roxy also has her lovely blue eyes.  It makes me so happy.

While I worked on the banner, my mom and grandma worked on the punchboard. (What's a punchboard? It's an alternative to a pinata. Like this)

Then we all strung the banner.

The finished punchboard.  The punchboard was for the under 5 set.  The older kids did a pinata.

After the punchbox and banner were finished I ran to 7 stores in 1 hour to find a dress for Pippa for photos that we were going to take with T's family.  Bought four dresses at two stores and raced home so we could take Pippa and Roxy to T's sister's house.  Dropped them off and then headed to The Old Spaghetti Factory for the adults only dinner portion of the 40th anniversary weekend.  It was so nice to just have adults! Sadly, I don't think we got any photos!

Here's what Pippa and Roxy were up to while we were eating:

Acting like they own the neighborhood lawn furniture.

Mixing pancakes

And eating pancakes.

The next day (Saturday, the 28th) was my parent's actual 40th wedding anniversary and we started the day with family photos.  A separate post coming on that.  But here's a quick shot of just J's family.  Adorable!

After the mass photo taking madness we all went to our separate homes for lunch, naps, and quiet. Roxy wasn't quite ready to nap yet. This video isn't really about anything, but I think Roxy is cute in it and I like my hair in it.  And since I'm in charge of the blog I'm including it.

T stayed at my parent's house with the girls while they napped and I drove with my parents to D's house to set up for the 40th party.

(A side story: T brought his suit to Utah for photos.  He took it to the dry cleaners in UT and forgot to pick it up Saturday morning.  He was going to get it Saturday after the girls woke up but the dry cleaners were already closed! At 2 on a Saturday! And they wouldn't reopen until Monday after our flight left! And we needed the suit for Sunday! Not cool! After the 40th party we hit Kohls and bought some dress pants for T that we both actually ended up loving that worked for the photos.)

Two weeks before my mom and I set up this tentative schedule.  And it pretty much went this way (we took out the adult pinata and newlywed shoe game and added in decorating sugar cookies at the very start, and put the slideshow and videos right after dinner started)

LOVE this photo of my mom and H.

A sidenote: The last set of group photos in the morning was the grandkids in number order in their number shirts.  Without planning it every single grandkid kept their shirt on and was wearing at the actual 40th anniversary party.  It was fantastic!

The swings were super popular.

This is R in the background blocking the door and asking her dad for the password.  It's kind of her thing.

During the game "I love all my relatives who..." my dad said "I love all my relatives who like to paly dead horses!" and the grandkids immediately started an impromptu game of dead horses.

That morphed into playing dead horses on grandpa.

Some of the extended family made it to the party, too! Cousin S and her kids with Grandma P.

Seriously couldn't drag R away from the swings.

A grandma hug for Pippa while the slideshow of my parents (made my cousin J) plays in the background.

A panorama while the video was playing

Photos with Grandma and Grandpa P were a hot commodity.  (And you can see the number banner in the background)

Cousin S's family arrived after we did the punchboard (traffic!) but we saved their punches so they still got in on the fun.

As my Aunt E pointed out: Oldest daughter, oldest daughter, youngest daughter, youngest daughter, oldest daughter.  LOVE this photo of all these girls I love.

That's the very short (word) version.  I've forgotten a lot of things, but I just wanted to get it out there before I forgot everything! Another post coming from our time in UT with T's family.