Sunday, September 6, 2015

Pippa's 3rd Birthday Party

AKA The first party we've ever thrown other than our wedding.

We weren't going to have a birthday party for Pippa. She's still pretty young and we thought she didn't care.  Then out of nowhere she started talking about soon it would be her birthday party and there would be party hats and cake. Since party hats and cake seemed to be her only request we thought we could probably make a party happen.

We threw Pippa's party a few weeks before her actual birthday. We knew we didn't want to take up a precious Saturday so we had the party on a Friday afternoon (4-6 p.m.) that T was already taking off of work. Plus, every mom knows that the last two hours before dad gets home are the hardest so the time frame was perfect.

I was going to do regular cupcakes, but then my aunts told me about ice cream cone cupcakes. Apparently, my grandma used to make them and my aunts have made them but my mom never made them for us. (It's ok mom!) My aunts gave me a few directions and it didn't seem that complicated so I gave them a try.

Just out of the oven. 
(I put the cones in the pan before I filled them with a box cake mix. I filled them to where the cone gets fatter then baked for 25 minutes)

With frosting and sprinkles. (Because sprinkles definitely say "It's a birthday!" and "It's a party!") I didn't take the cones out of the pan when I frosted them so some are a bit lopsided but I think it was easier to frost them that way than to take them out and try to put them back in after frosting them.

Pippa's party was laid back. We did water fun, pizza, and cupcakes with no decorations, party favors, or gifts. The only expensive thing was a big shade tent we bought for the back yard.

We put out the water table, kiddie pool, a few baby toys, and bought spray bottles for all the kids. We were going to do squirt guns, but those things hold next to no water and I didn't want to refill 10 squirt guns 20 times each. So, spray bottles instead. Plus people generally take getting misted better than getting directly squirted.

I put out this rubbermaid tote with the idea that the kids could refill their squirt bottles by themselves. And they did. But it also became the most popular place to sit. (I love the expression on the boy directly behind Pippa)

Party hats, pizza, and pals. What more could a 3 year old want?!

We brought out just one ice cream cone cupcake while we sang to Pippa. After T lit the candles one of Pippa's little friends ran over and started trying to blow out the candle! Luckily he couldn't do it (it was very much like the funny skit my dad does "Can you blow out the candle?"). It was pretty hilarious and T pulled the cupcake away and the boy's mom came and pulled him away.

The ice cream cone cupcakes were a hit - easy to hold and no wrapper. But they really need to be eaten on the day they are made. (We had two left over and ate them the next day and the cones were a bit soft.)

There wasn't any crying other than Pippa at the start (I had to put sunscreen on her when her friends showed up! Then after she got over that she went outside and immediately stepped on a sharp wood chip!) The first 15 or 20 minutes were full of Pippa tears, but the next 1.5 hours were just a lot of fun for everyone.

All in all, a good birthday party!