Saturday, October 8, 2016


4 years, 2 years, and newborn. This makes my heart glow.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gemma at one month

Above (in pink) is Gemma on her one month birthday. Below (in black) is Gemma on her two week birthday.

Here's what Gemma was up to between her birth and one month birthday:

  • Likes being in the carrier and bouncing on the exercise ball.
  • Sometimes takes a binky.
  • Has tiny little chicken legs (like all newborns).
  • Is a very vocal baby. Not so much screaming (though she has her moments), but a pretty large spectrum of grunts, squeaks,  and sighs.
  • Is loved on by older sisters Pippa and Roxy. They really are gentle with her and have yet to unintentionally or intentionally hurt her.
  • Pippa and Roxy (Roxy especially) LOVE to rub her hair. Gemma's hair on top is platinum blonde, but it often looks darker than that because it gets greasy so fast from all the touching.
  • Had a sticky belly button. The stump fell off but it was still sticky underneath so we couldn't give her a real bath for about three weeks. 
  • Took her first vacation to Lake Tahoe.
  • Nursing is... yeah. In the hospital, it seemed like she was the best nurser I've had. But then the day we came home from the hospital she spit up a lot of blood. I pumped and there wasn't any visible blood in the milk. The ask a nurse line sent us to the ER because Gemma was so brand new. The ER doctor (who thought this was our first baby and we just let him) told us that it was blood from me. And it was. Gemma tore me up pretty good. It hurt way too much to nurse so I pumped the next two feedings and both bottles were pink because there was so much blood. (Gemma took the bottles from T just fine.) The next time I nursed Gemma there was a lot of blood in the nipple shield. She spit up blood a few more times. Good news it that even though it's super alarming to us, it doesn't bother her. She's also had blood in her diapers from it. Anyway, I overnighted silverettes to help with the healing. After wearing them for 24 hours, I was doing SO much better. Silverettes are amazing! Overall nursing is going better. 
  • Goes cross eyed easily. 
  • Has a strong neck! Starting at like 2 weeks old Gemma could hold her head up off my shoulder when I put her over my shoulder to burp her. This is a photo of her doing it on her exact one month birthday.

  • Co-sleeping a bit toward the end of the month. This is surprising to me. We didn't really do co-sleeping with the other girls because while baby and T would sleep, I wouldn't. I was too worried about suffocating baby to sleep. But for some reason this time around, I'm not so worried so baby has been sleeping usually one stretch in bed with us (usually the early morning hours) and she sleeps so much better in bed with us than in the crib. But co-sleeping does make me wish we had a king size bed!
  • Doesn't like to nurse to sleep (what?!) and is a light sleeper. Getting her to sleep for the night is a 3 hour affair. 
  • Is freaked out by her own gas. It would be funny if it didn't wake her and make her cry all the time. 
  • Has little poops all the time. We change her diaper before a feeding, after a feeding, before sleep, after sleep, and in between times, too. Literally every diaper change there is some poop in her diaper. At night in the crib we will hear her poop. Change her. Ten minutes later repeat. Ten minutes after that repeat. 
  • After Gemma was born T's mom came for a week to help out. It was fabulous.
  • I adore the newborn stage. Even though nursing hasn't been easy (is it ever easy this early on?), I still love all the other newborn things - the cuddles, the sounds, the tinyness. The happy hormones even make me not feel tired (though I know that won't last!). Gemma is so sweet and beautiful.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Nothing beats a good Shatner

That's what T said when I showed him this:

 I found it while blog hopping. I have no idea who this Kelly is, but I LOVE this video!

(It's basically William Shatner telling Kelly Happy Birthday, you're the best and singing the song "Shout." But he doesn't really sing it, just talks it while the background singers sing. The funny-ness of it is a bit lost if you can't hear how he talksings. Sorry, my deaf people. It is ok for your kids to watch, though. The cc are not right.)

***Update: T found this. It's actually an e-card that you can personalize here! And it's not just for birthdays!

We're a laugh a minute

Can't believe I forgot to post this! This post (and photo) is from November 2015! I'll move it there in a few weeks.

We usually have two family home evenings. One with Pippa after Roxy goes to bed (Roxy is usually in bed before T gets home from work) and a second one just me and T after Pippa goes to bed. Also, we usually call family home evening "FHE" (pronouncing it fa-he). After that long lead up this better be funny right? T was saying the prayer for second family home evening:
T: "We're thankful that we could have FHE:V 2 - return of the FHE"
S: *giggles through the rest of the prayer*

Earlier in the night T told me about a run tracking app that tells you how many donuts you can eat after running (based on how many calories burned). T said they need to combo that app with the food ordering app so said donuts are delivered to your door.

S: (lying on back on the floor with arms straight up like a zombie. Suddenly moves straight arms to above head then back down to sides)
S: (very seriously) I just did a back flip in my mind.
T: *laughs hysterically for a long time* after the laughs are a bit calmed down: Where is that donut app when you need it?
S: You think you laughed enough to burn enough calories to get a donut?
T: No! I just want a donut!

(Maybe you had to be there for this one. We seriously laughed for 10 minutes starting with the imagined back flip.)

While outside at Alcatraz
S: Is that a drone?!?! ... Never mind, it's a bird.

T doing some odd body movements
S: What are you doing?
T: I was dancing.
S: Oh. I thought you were trying to kill a bug.

S: Nobody ever says baby, it's always babies. They're like Pringles. You can never have just one. Except babies are non-edible.

We're a laugh a minute

I told the girls we needed to go to the store to get ice cream for daddy. At the same time the girls replied:
Pippa: Ice cream!!!!!!!
Roxy: Daddy!!!!!!!!

Me to T: What do you want for Father's Day?
T: ... ... My two front teeth?
Me: Done! No take backs!

Playing scattergories with my parents all the way back during our New Years trip.
The topic is "Things in a vending machine."
My dad: Vegetables... (T says some stuff.) ... Pasta ... Wait, what's the category?

This one is back from December.
T and I were playing ring around the rosie with the girls. T was lying on the floor and we were around him he made up his own song:
T: Ring around the daddy. Pocket full of daddy. Ashes, ashes we all fall down.
S: Makes it sound like we killed you and chopped you up into pieces.
T: Whatever makes the season festive.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Pippa Says

While I was doing her hair:
Pippa: I'm cute!
Me: Yes, but what's more important than looking cute? (I wanted her to say being kind.)
Pippa: Looking gorgeous!

Roxy was opening birthday presents.
Pippa: Ok now pull here... Now pull here... Then pull here...
T: She has a future in management.

Pippa's favorite Primary song these days is "Praise to the Man." She really knows all the words, but she always sings "...Traitors and tyrants now fight him in Maine." (It's supposed to be "fight him in vain." Here's a video clip. T was singing softly so you could hear Pippa better, but as he started singing softer Pippa followed his lead and started singing softer, too!


A few hours after Pippa went to bed we heard her softly crying in her room.
T: Why are you crying?
Pippa: I'm crying because ... (pause)... I think you're wonderful.

Pippa was playing around at dinner and T had had enough.
T: Sit up and eat dinner.
Pippa: Why?
T: Why do you think?
Pippa: I don't think.
T: Touché.

Randomly while we were eating dinner:
Pippa: Daddy, you're getting a little bit old. But it's ok. You can still live with us.

This one is just sweet. My grandpa had hip replacement surgery so we told Pippa about it and that we should be sure to include him in our prayers. After we told her, she said very much as a statement and not a question "Jesus will heal Grandpa Pratt."

At dinner:
Me: Pippa can you give Roxy a slice of your orange?
Pippa: No. Make your own orange.

The rest of these Pippa quotes come from Jan - March of this year. I got behind!

Pippa: Mom said I can eat lots of candy.
Me: I didn't say that.
Pippa: Pretend mom did.

While eating dinner
Pippa: I like this.
Me: Good.
Pippa: You know what I like? I like cookies all the time. And brown cookies.
(I think brown cookies = brownies.)

While out playing in the rain:
Pippa: Some moms say you can't jump in puddles. But not OUR mom!
A bit later:
Pippa: Can Roxy make screams?
Me: (nods)
Pippa: Yeah! Because we're outside!

Pippa: I want to tell you a story. One day I went to the park. And a baby squished me. And I died. (All said with a straight face.)

Roxy Says

Roxy likes to sing and knows many songs. A favorite is "I Love to See the Temple." She knows all the words because this is the song we've been singing to her for every nap and bedtime since she was born. This is how she does the last line of the song: "This is my sacred duty good night." She thinks "good night" is part of the song :)

The girls brought the chairs from the playroom into the kitchen and I wanted them to put the chairs away.
Me: Pippa is being responsible and putting away the chairs. Can you be responsible, too?
Roxy: No. Pippa be 'sponsible.

And two from this week:
After dropping Pippa off at a thing:
Roxy: I want my Pippa. I want my Pippa, PLEASE. (They aren't apart from each other very often as you can tell.)

We are not a "finish all the food on your plate" house. We tell the girls to listen to their tummy - eat when tummy says hungry and stop when tummy says all done.
Me: Want some kiwi?
Roxy: My tummy says no kiwi, please. My tummy says go play!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pippa at 4

Here's what Pippa is like at age 4:
  • Likes to pretend to be a cat.
  • Is a rule follower and often tries to be the rule enforcer for Roxy. (Sometimes this is helpful. Other times not so much.)
  • Says "Actually..." quite a bit.
  • Likes to play in the dirt in our backyard
  • Has quiet time while Roxy and Gemma (and mom) nap. Pippa ends up napping during this time about half the time. 
  • Goes to bed around 8 (falls asleep around 8:40) and wakes around 7:20.
  • Her favorite color is pink. She reminds us of this all the time.
  • Is saving her money for "Happy Hollow, a new car, and visiting Grandma." 
  • Is so helpful in the car giving Gemma her binky, holding her hand, and singing to her. (Roxy does this, too. Gemma's carseat is in the middle.)
  • Loves going to Primary.
  • Likes to wear her sequin crown a lot. People often ask if she's a princess and Pippa replies, "No, I'm better than a princess." People think she means she's a queen, but she really means being Pippa is better than a princess. And it's true! But it is frustrating to her that people don't get it.
  • Can buckle and un-buckle her top buckle of her carseat.
  • Is proud of her curlies. (Mom is too!)
  • Loves to wear skirts and dresses. Especially dresses that poof out when she twirls.
  • Is getting slightly sassy - like muttering things under her breath or huffy sighs. 
  • Along those same lines Pippa would be a great soccer player. She flops like no other. If Roxy give her a little push to try to get around her Pippa falls to the ground and lies there for several minutes crying and writhing in "pain." Same thing with little trips, nudges, or pats (sometimes even if they are obviously friendly touches!).
  • Loves meeting and playing with new kids - older and younger.
  • Wants to be an astronaut / mom / engineer when she grows up. Well, I don't think she really has the concept of what a career is (and good for her - why should she even be thinking about that!), but she says things like "When I'm big I can be an astronaut if I want."
  • Favorite toys are legos, the marble run, and baby dolls / stuffed animals.
  • Is taking a gymnastics class and loves it.
  • Wants to help whenever I'm doing anything in the kitchen. I let her do a lot of stuff too, including cutting with her cutter, a butter knife, and sometimes a real sharp knife. (Of course under very close supervision.)
  • Still calls ice "icek."
  • Took swimming lessons for the first time this summer and had a huge improvement. Pippa went from not wanting to put her face in the water to swimming with swimmer arms about 10 yards. I do think watching Olympic swimmers influenced her (we watched about 30 minutes of Olympics during lunch every day and almost everyday it seemed like swimming was on!)
  • Wants to go to school. (We're not doing formal pre-school. Maybe I'll do a post about this later)
  • When playing with Roxy they often pretend to be Eloise, Emmy, or Ann. Not quite sure why they picked those names. We do know two girls named Emmy, and our next door neighbor (an adult) is Ann, but I don't know where Pippa even heard the name Eloise.
The outtakes:

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Roxy at 2

Roxy at 2. I'm bummed that the best photo is blurry. But people, taking photos while holding a two week old is not easy!

Roxy at 2:
  • Favorite food is cheddar cheese (a girl after her mom's heart (and stomach))
  • Sings whole songs mostly on tune. Current Roxy hits are "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," "I Love to See the Temple," "Hush Little Baby," and "Let's Go Fly a Kite."
  • Counts to 10
  • Knows all her colors (she's had these down for quite some time now)
  • Goes to sleep ridiculously easily. She doesn't fight bedtime and if she's not ready to sleep, she will just chill in her crib.
  • Sometimes she likes to hang out in her crib alone even when it's not bedtime. It's not a punishment, she asks for it! Usually when she's upset but sometimes just because. She'll stay in the crib just talking / singing / playing with her snuggle blankets anywhere from 5-20 minutes. I'm actually really glad that she recognizes when she needs some alone time and then she makes it happen. 
  • Copies everything Pippa does and says.
  • Loves "Baby Bin" (that's how Roxy pronounces baby's real name) and is SO gentle with her. I was so scared that Roxy would be insanely jealous of baby, but she hasn't been at all! It's been a wonderful surprise!
  • When I'm getting ready to nurse baby Gemma, Roxy will open her mouth super wide to show Gemma what she should do to eat. Roxy also likes to "help" nurse Gemma by putting her hand on my breast.
  • Only likes to go slow and low on the swing in our backyard and at the park. Like moving only 6 inches to the front and back slow. But this is progress because she wouldn't even get in the swing the first 3 months we had it. Then for a month she would only sit in it and didn't want to be pushed at all. 
  • Always wants to be first to get her hair done. Requests either a ponytail or clips. If she chooses clips, she wants four or five in her hair at one time. I've taken to hiding the clips and only putting two on the counter. The top of her hair is still straight, but she is getting a few curls around the edges of the straight portion. People stop us all the time to compliment her curls.
  • LOVES playing in the dirt in our backyard.
  • Recently started calling Pippa "AZ" or "Ace-E" instead of just "A."
  • Usually naps from 1:30 to 3 or 3:30. Goes to bed around 8 and wakes around 7:45. Often I'm not sure how long she's been awake because she will just happily chill in her crib. 
  • Still sucks her thumb.
  • Not anymore, but for a while she would say "pie" meaning "up high."
  • Carries her two blankets with her ALL THE TIME around the house (we don't let her take them outside, because who wants to look for lost blankets in the yard, garage, laundry, car, neighbor's, etc?). This leads to many episodes of "where my snuggle blankey go?" She occasionally wakes us up crying in the night asking this. Usually she's sitting on it.
  • Says "pick up me" instead of pick me up. Just since Gemma was born Roxy has started saying it the right way "pick me up" and I miss her saying it the other way.
  • Likes to stretch her arms across a doorway or across the hall and pretend to be a gate, opening and closing for people going by.
  • Has the best hip swing when she jogs / runs. T has a great video of it - I'll try to add it here. 
  • Is currently cautious and doesn't like strangers. You should see the stink eye and pouty lip she gives strangers who talk to her.
  • Loves pockets in her clothes and loves putting her hands in the pockets.
  • Might be losing her curlies? Or maybe not. Roxy still doesn't have curls on the top of her head / bangs area and I feel like her hair is straightening out at the nape of her neck. 
  • Had her first x-rays (right knee and hip). Roxy has been complaining since the first week of June that the back of her knee hurt (and still is complaining). She would complain about it 3-5 days a week multiple times a day - at odd times, too, like after nap or during snack or while playing. After two pediatrician appointments, x-rays, and a specialist visit. The official diagnosis was tight hamstrings and tendonitis. AKA growing pains. I'm glad we got it checked out though. 
  • Finally likes doing slides at the playground again. For about nine months she wouldn't go down slides sitting up or on her tummy even though before this started she did like going down slides on her tummy. Not sure what made her change her mind. 
  • Can put on her own shoes - her (sort of) slip on natives, white sandals, and pink velcro sneakers. 
  • Will blow kisses and catch kisses if you blow them to her.
Right now Roxy is kind of all or nothing. If you ask her to do something and she wants to cooperate she will cheerfully do it right away. If you ask her to do something and she says "no," nothing you will do or say will make her do it. And she says "no" so nonchalantly and just turns and walks away. The things that she says yes or no to are completely arbitrary. I tried to get Roxy to say "I'm two!" But she wouldn't cooperate.


The outtakes:

We love this girl!

Monday, July 11, 2016

4th of July

We had a pretty laid back (though seemingly very long) 4th of July. T left at 6:45 a.m. to set up chairs at the park for the ward's annual 4th of July breakfast. We went to said breakfast and played at the park until 10:30. Then we went shoe shopping (for T - new Sunday shoes - his current ones are 8 years old and totally beat up) and grabbed pizza for lunch. Naps all around then popsicles. I feel like this is a very 4th of July photo. Pippa and Roxy look very much like sisters here.

Then we hung around the house while Pippa said every so often "NOW is it time for fireworks?" We took the girls to the local elementary to play on the equipment ate some Happy Birthday America Cake (complete with singing and candles) and FINALLY it was time for fireworks. We decided to bring Roxy. She had a later and long nap so we though she would do ok - and she did. We went to the same spot as last year - up on a hill and far away so the booms were soft. Here we are waiting for fireworks.

Pippa was more entertained by the annoying group of 7 year old boys than the fireworks this year. They were super loud and distracting, even for me. Roxy seemed to enjoy (or at least be ambivalent toward) her first fireworks. They both stayed awake on the short 10 minute drive home. Next year I think we'll try a closer place - but not too close. Actually, next year I might be home with baby, so we will see.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Mount Tam on Memorial Day

We made plans with T's work buddy to go hiking. We decided on Mount Tamalpais in the North Bay. We also decided to go early in the morning to avoid holiday traffic / get a parking spot. We left the house at 7:20 (go us!) to get to the parking lot before 9. I was a worried about the drive because our girls aren't known for their road tripping skills (still). Luckily they were both happy the entire 1.5 hours there! There was a lot of fog and no traffic. This should be a great view of the ocean. Still a great view.

The other family has two girls whose ages match up (they are slightly older) with our Pippa and Roxy's ages. I used to not understand why you would ever do vacation with another family - it's hard to coordinate and you don't have as much flexibility, but I've since changed my mind. Pippa hiked all 2 miles (not a super long hike, but when you're 3 it's kind of a lot) since she had a friend to run and climb with. I know if it had just been our little family she would have asked to be carried .25 miles in.

We did a 1.5 mile loop then a steep / rocky .3 miles (.6 miles there and back) to the top of Mount Tam. A snack break with our little climbing mountain goats. The big girls really got high up!

View along the trail. Just right of the exact center of this photo you can see the tops of the buildings in San Francisco.

The view looking the other way.

The loop was easy and mostly flat. Our friend's two year old walked the whole way. Roxy was in our new hiking backpack for the entire way.

The .3 mile up to the top was kind of rough and very rocky. SO glad Roxy was in the carrier. We hung out at the top for a long time. I don't think we actually took any photos of the view at the top... But there were lots of great rocks for climbing.

You can't tell in these photos, but the girls actually had to climb far up the rocks to get here.

Ah, one from the very top.

We wanted to take a family photo at the very top, but Roxy was freaking out and would not consent to be held or moved. So we knew it was time to go back down. About 10 steps after we started down Pippa lost a special purple rock she found at the top. Tears commenced and didn't stop until we were back in the parking lot. Roxy fell asleep on the .3 miles back down.

Zero bug bites, zero sunburns, and missed all the holiday traffic (which we saw heading the other direction as we were leaving). It was a good trip! Roxy slept through the transition to the car seat and woke when we stopped for In N Out on the way home. Pippa slept after In N Out until we got home. So another good car ride! Unbelievable! Not that we're planning any road trips any time soon (Roxy still sometimes screams the whole way for a 15 minute trip) but it seems they are getting a bit better.

Our friend took some photos so if we get them we'll toss them up here, too.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Quiet time

Around January Pippa started not being tired at nap time. I pushed her nap time back and at first I was super bummed because the girls weren't napping at the same time anymore (aka I wasn't getting to nap and when you're in the first trimester and also have bronchitis you really want to nap all the time). Then Pippa started fighting the later nap so we switched to quiet time.

Quiet time for Pippa is the same time as Roxy's nap. Pippa doesn't have to nap, but she has to stay in her room and be quiet until her bunny is awake. (She has a bunny clock that shows a sleeping bunny when she needs to be asleep and the picture switches to a running bunny when it is ok to be awake / out of her room.) I mostly close the curtains and she chooses toys and books to have in her room (normally toys and books live in the playroom). We started with quiet time being 30 minutes and are now up to about 50 minutes. The first two weeks she would pop out, but now she stays in her room. A good incentive for her is that if she stays in her room for all of quiet time (she can come out if she needs the bathroom) she gets to watch 20 minutes of a movie after. And Roxy is still napping while Pippa watches the movie so I get a bit more quiet time for me, too!

Sometimes (about twice a week) she falls asleep during quiet time. Sometimes she tells me she wants a nap instead of quiet time and that's fine, too. I don't let her sleep past when quiet time is over, though or else bedtime is late. A nice perk (for me) of dropping the nap is that Pippa's bedtime is 7!

Usually Pippa runs out of her room when the bunny wakes up (aka quiet time is over) and tells me she stayed in her room the whole time! When the time comes and goes I go check on her. Sometimes she's absorbed in playing, but mostly it means she fell asleep at some point. Here's what I've discovered a few times: 

I love that sometimes when Pippa sleeps she takes up the whole bed and other times, like this, she's curled in to just a tiny ball on the corner of the bed.

Love that girl and love quiet time!

Roxy sleeping

And some of Roxy sleeping because all babies are cute when they are sleeping.

If Roxy wakes before 7 a.m. we usually pull her into bed with us and she will happily snuggle us for about 20-30 more minutes. Here she is morning snuggling with T (and sucking his finger because we couldn't find a binky - we've since broken her habit of sucking our fingers).

While Pippa was brushing her teeth for bed, Roxy hopped into Pippa's bed and pretended to be asleep. 

And this one of T immediately after Roxy woke him.  He fell asleep playing with the girls. One of the reasons I love this picture is because Roxy looks so much like Pippa at the same age.