Monday, July 11, 2016

4th of July

We had a pretty laid back (though seemingly very long) 4th of July. T left at 6:45 a.m. to set up chairs at the park for the ward's annual 4th of July breakfast. We went to said breakfast and played at the park until 10:30. Then we went shoe shopping (for T - new Sunday shoes - his current ones are 8 years old and totally beat up) and grabbed pizza for lunch. Naps all around then popsicles. I feel like this is a very 4th of July photo. Pippa and Roxy look very much like sisters here.

Then we hung around the house while Pippa said every so often "NOW is it time for fireworks?" We took the girls to the local elementary to play on the equipment ate some Happy Birthday America Cake (complete with singing and candles) and FINALLY it was time for fireworks. We decided to bring Roxy. She had a later and long nap so we though she would do ok - and she did. We went to the same spot as last year - up on a hill and far away so the booms were soft. Here we are waiting for fireworks.

Pippa was more entertained by the annoying group of 7 year old boys than the fireworks this year. They were super loud and distracting, even for me. Roxy seemed to enjoy (or at least be ambivalent toward) her first fireworks. They both stayed awake on the short 10 minute drive home. Next year I think we'll try a closer place - but not too close. Actually, next year I might be home with baby, so we will see.