Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gemma at two months

 Gemma on her two month birthday

Here's what Gemma was up to between her one and two month birthdays:
  • SO vocal
  • We bought a swing - we really wanted her to like it and take naps in it, but so far no luck. And we can't return it either because the very first time we put her in it she had a poop explosion that got all over it.
  • Takes her best nap between 1 and 5 p.m.
  • Hiccups all the time
  • She's starting to get chunky! Yay!
  • Has more than four eyelashes now
  • Intentionally brings hands to mouth
  • Had baby acne
  • Had a bit of cradle cap
  • Off nipple shield
  • Spits up a lot volume wise (as opposed to frequency)
  • Flaking skin especially on and behind ears
  • Social smiles at five weeks
  • Small poops all the time - so many diaper changes in one day!
  • Co-sleeping a lot. Sometimes we can't get her to sleep (normally it takes 3 hours of screaming - no joke) and so we end up with her in bed with us because we are just tired. We usually put her in the crib around 10:30 and if she's still up after that she ends up in bed with us.
  • Going along with that Gemma is a light sleeper. Once she's asleep in our arms it takes another hour before we can put her down in the crib. Every little thing wakes her when she's asleep in our arms - twitching, reaching for something in the pocket of the rocking chair, rearranging your legs.
  • Started the "agoos." Roxy and Pippa have been saying "agoooo" to Gemma since she was born and they are so excited that she's reciprocating.
  • Naps on me in the carrier (mostly k'tan but sometimes the becco) except for her long afternoon one.
  • Sucks her right thumb.
  • Roxy and Pippa are still so gentle with her. 
  • At Gemma's two month appointment she was 12.15 pounds
We're all pretty much obsessed with her and she literally gets 100 kisses a day from me, T, Pippa, and Roxy.

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