Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Roxy says

S finger spells candy to T:
Pippa: (reaching up and pretending to grab it from the air) I got it. In my heart.
Roxy: (pretend grabbing) Got your heart!

When we were making Halloween sugar cookies Roxy kept calling the ghost cookie cutter ghostbuster. "Where my ghostbuster?" and "I make another ghostbuster!" (She hasn't seen the movie "ghostbusters," but she knows the song.)

Roxy likes to point to a photo magnet we have that is Roxy as a newborn with a two year old Pippa.
Roxy pointing to Pippa in the photo: That's Pippa wearing my clothes. (points to her baby self) And that's Roxy.
In case it isn't clear in the photo Pippa is wearing clothes that are now Roxy's...

Roxy: Mommy, my shoulder hurts. So I put blanket there. (Then she tucks her special snuggle blanket under her arm like she always does.)

Me walking down the hall: Can I hold your hand?
Roxy: No! I hold my own hand! (She holds her hands together and runs away)

This one only makes sense if we use their real names
Me: How do you spell Roxy? (her real name)
Roxy: L... I...
Me: L... A.
Roxy: No, sweetheart. A for Pippa! (But Pippa's real name)

On Dec 21 Pippa and Roxy were coloring together on the couch. They were laughing then Roxy said, "I love you Ain-za-ley." and gave Pippa a big hug then Roxy kissed her hand and put the kissed hand on Pippa's cheek. It was ridiculously sweet.

If you ask Roxy how old she is she says two and holds up two fingers like this (instead of two fingers in a v shape). It's super adorable.

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