Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gemma at Four Months

Here's what our sweet Gemma was up to between her three and four month birthdays:

  • When nursing on left side her left arm moves all over her head and face.
  • She does "scheming hands" (I'll try to find a photo...)
  • Looks like she has a tiny bit of red in her hair
  • Needs to be transitioned during her long nap in the afternoon. The first and last naps she naps one me in the carrier. The long middle nap I rock her and hold her for like 40 minutes then move her to the bed, snuggle her on the bed for 5-10 then I can ease away from her (or stay and nap with her). She stirs / sometimes completely wakes 30-45 minutes after that and I can mostly snuggle her back to sleep on the bed then ease away from her again.
  • Usually naps at 10, 1, and 6.
  • Had bronchiolitis
  • Bald spot on the back of her head
  • We call her B-bop barilla cop most of the time
  • On 12/6/2016 Gemma laughed for the first time. Gemma was in the bouncer in the kitchen and Pippa was hanging over her laughing and that made Gemma laugh.
  • This has been happening (and still happens) since Gemma was a newborn and I was trying to get her to open her mouth to latch to nurse. Lila would stand next to me and open her mouth really big and say, "Like this Gemmy!"
  • At her four month appointment Gemma weighed 17.1 pounds