Saturday, June 10, 2017

Gemma at Six Months

Gemma on her six month birthday.

Here's what Gemma was up to between her five and six month birthdays:

  • Likes to suck / chew on her bottom lip
  • Roxy still says "Binn wants you" or "Binn wants to eat" when Gemma is crying.
  • Roxy says "Binn drinks MILK!" very loud and insistently when we pretend to offer her food. (I think it's sunk in that the big girls should never give her food.)
  • Grabs her toes when lying on her back
  • Has chin dimples (two of them!) when she smiles big. We'll see if they stick around as she grows...
  • Loves music and dancing when she's fussy - dancing music with a good beat, not relaxing music.
  • First tooth poked through January 31 - it was the bottom center left
  • Likes to nom on my chin
  • Is a HUGE hair puller - my hair and especially Pippa and Roxy's hair.
  • Start of sleep training - aka sleep without a swaddle
  • Drool rash on chin and right cheek
  • Second tooth on bottom - Feb 6
  • Gemma is now too big to bathe in the bathroom sink
  • Spits up a lot less
  • Usually three naps a day (I still have to hold her for all of them)
  • Loves the doorway jumper
  • Not a happy nurser - lots of screaming then a bit of eating then a bit of screaming then a bit of eating.

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